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Helmet mockup


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Just looking for a bit of feedback on a potential helmet design for next season.. Thoughts?



School- Newberry College

Nickname- Wolves

Colors- Scarlet & Gray

Affiliation- NCAA Division-II

Conference- South Atlantic

Uniforms: (Adidas)

Jerseys-Scarlet(Power Red)/White/GrayAlt(Onix)

Pants-Same Options As Jerseys


My thoughts:

I really like this look. I think the decal might be about 1/2" oversized and the white outline on the decal might be slightly too thin. The gray in the image is slightly off, but pretty close (the actual gray is used by Eastern Michigan for their gray helmets that match the Adidas "Onix"color, and it's officially called "Missouri Flat Gray" by Riddell. I think it will look sharp with our uniforms, while being sort of a "faux-back" with its classic design and traditional style. The chrome red in the decals helps it remain "modern" enough for the players, without being over the top.. 

I'm interested to see what you guys have to say..



I know it's a Speed facemask on a Revo helmet, but the rest of our masks are at reconditioning, and this is the only white one we have. But it gets the job done

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Pretty damn good


maybe try a red, non matte face mask and see, and make the red parts of the logo/helmet stripe not matte? I think it'll really make the red stand out and bring more flair to and otherwise conservative, yet very good helmet design. Just a thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. If that's not really an option, I really like the look you've got.

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an additional option we're considering.. basically just the opposite look by swapping white for gray (wolf and center stripe are actually silver chrome)



this helmet is "White Metallic with Red Metallic Flake", and actually looks great in the sunlight, but it photographs poorly in the sunlight, so i took the photo indoors to give a more accurate depiction of how it looks.

i still think i'm leaning towards the gray helmet, but i figured i'd throw this one up here as well and get everyone's opinions and let you guys compare/contrast the two.

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