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MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added


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On 7/1/2017 at 3:38 PM, coco1997 said:

By God, you've made the mid-2000s Jays palatable! The tweaked wordmarks make a huge difference. I now have a new appreciation for this look. It's still got nothing on the classic/modern Jays, but I think you've made it look as good as it possibly can. Kudos to @FinsUp1214 for inspiring this set! 


Congrats on finishing the AL East! I can't wait to see the West, in particular my White Sox, who look to be coming up soon. ?


On 7/1/2017 at 7:26 PM, FinsUp1214 said:

My wishes for that 2000's Jays look are pretty much depicted here. You did a great, great job making it all work! The Colors and logos are spot on. The tweaking of the beveling is an upgrade also, as the colors aren't as stark between each other and is much more readable than its predecessor. 


Thumbs up my friend!


Thanks guys! It was tough trying to do what I wanted with the set while keeping it within the confines of a "early/mid-00's" aesthetic. I thought about thick, multi-shaded stripes on the sleeves and socks, but such elements were on their way out in the early/mid-00's and they kind of distracted from the beveling of the scripts. It's fun trying to get inside the head of designers from specific periods and see what trends were on their way in and out. 


I gotta give a shout out to @Lights Out again here. His work with the "Black Jays" showed me that the set was not beyond redemption, and I'd like to think that I built upon Lights Out's "salvage" efforts.


Now, some updates!


Tampa Bay




















I fixed up the Blue Jays' Canada Day and powder blue uniforms (suggested by @BenD and @coco1997), and redid the stingray's eyes to be more rounded (recommended by @MJD7). As for the AL West teaser:




Feel free to speculate! Up next, the Anaheim (I've finally come around to the name) Angels!

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Wow, the AL East was an experience, and I loved (almost) every pixel of it. Looking forward to Oakland, although I will admit to some terror regarding Part II there.


My guess is that KC will be channeling the Negro League Monarchs? The fact that Texas is the only one showing a hat (with brim!) on the teaser is... intriguing, to say the least. Anchor is a bold choice for Seattle; why not a symbol they have in their history, like the trident? And, uh, did the D-Backs and the Astros switch places? Can't say I have an issue with that, standings-wise.


Ultimately, I think we're all in very safe hands with @SFGiants58.

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Well, here's the next one!


ANAHEIM ANGELS, PT. I - Refining the Red and Gold


This is a minor update of a concept I've presented in my Tweaks thread. The same things I talked about there apply to this concept. These include the swapping of gold and navy's place in the color scheme, the return of thicker striping on the uniforms, and the @davidmiller5-inspired primary logo. However, I decided to go about the name a little differently.


While I've defended "Los Angeles Angels" as a name in the past (Anaheim is a suburb of LA - albeit a culturally-distinctive one, LA Angels is an old PCL team name, the pun in the name, etc.), I saw the light with "Anaheim Angels." The PCL Los Angeles Angels already have tributes in the form of the Angels' name and the Dodgers' cap logo, the Anaheim Ducks have been around for nearly 25 years without complaints (save for the stupid "Mighty" stuff), the "Anaheim Angels" won the 2002 World Series (thanks a bunch, Dusty), and both Dodgers and Angels fans hate the "Los Angeles" identifier. So, Anaheim makes a return! I added an "OC" logo (inspired by the Ducks' Stadium Series logo - something I wish they'd put on their uniforms somewhere). BTW, if you want to complain about how the Angels should be the Los Angeles Angels because "Anaheim is a suburb to a huge metropolitan area," I point you in the direction of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Brooklyn Nets.




The uniforms are unchanged from the previous concept (still red-centric, with gold as a secondar color and navy as the halo color), except for the addition of a de-beveled version of the 2002-03 "Anaheim" wordmark. It's a way to hammer in the new location name and eliminate ambiguity.




The alternates have a bit more done to them. The home/road alternate now features the "OC" patch instead of an "LA" patch, and the PCL Angels-inspired UCLA stripes have been flipped in color distribution (the originally looked too bright). The 1971 retro set now features more accurate color shades.




There wasn't too much to this update, but I think it's a fun little way to give the Angels a look that's more unique in the league (read my original post for my justifications) and to further the "Anaheim" branding. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always!


For my alternate take, I do my take on the navy/red Angels!

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On 7/6/2017 at 9:30 AM, CanucksFan said:

Solid work on the Angels (as always). I think that the uniforms would work well with an addition of the navy from the logo.


Thank you. I thought about adding navy into the striping, but it just looked kind of busy. The red and yellow work best when they're on their own, especially when yellow is only seen in thick outlines or separated from white by red outlines.


Thanks for the C+C guys, now here's an alternate take!


ANAHEIM ANGELS, PT. II - De-Arte-ization in a Navy Flavor


It's become apparent that Arte Moreno is not all that liked by Angels fans. His desire to push the "Los Angeles" city identifier, along with his focus on the team wearing those crummy red alternates, are part of this equation. Even though the red-centric look had its start in the last year of Disney ownership (and only World Series title), its become so associated with Arte and his often poor decisions as owner. So, here is my take on how to not only reinforce the "Anaheim" name, but to also bring the Angels' look back to it's 1970's-90's form.


Navy and red (a lighter shade) are now co-dominant. Gold remains as the halo color, per their 1971-92 uniforms. The @davidmiller5-inspired primary logo (with the 1997-2001 wings) and the "OC" patch also stays, albeit recolored.




With the uniforms, I wanted to replicate the "pan-down" effect present on the 1989-92 version of the uniforms (as modeled by Bert Blyleven). Note how the navy/red hat, red/navy lettering and stripes, navy undershirts and belts, and red socks and cleats all play off each other beautifully:




Now, add in some sock stripes to replicate the halo and add navy tops to the socks (a la their 1970 uniforms), and you've got a stew going!




The home alternate is the only venue for a red cap, which thankfully loses its "transparent" look. The road alternate features the "Big A" logo on its own, as it stands up well on the front of a jersey. Both jerseys have the UCLA-style "waffle weave" stripes, as I like the aesthetic.




So, there's my take on the Angels in their traditional color scheme! While I prefer my red/yellow-gold/navy concept, this uniform set has more "traditional" appeal to it (judging by how some people here really like the "Red Sox/Braves of the West" look for the team). C+C is greatly appreciated, as always!


Up next, some realignment with the Arizona Diamondbacks!

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12 hours ago, MJD7 said:

I love the halo socks, I wonder if you could change the alternates to replicate that pattern, and make the sleeves contrast? I don't know whether that would  look better or not.

That sounds like a fun idea! You can look forward to that in the AL West updates.


Thanks for the C+C guys, now it's time to tackle the Diamondbacks!


ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS, PT. I - A Turquoise Taste of the Southwest


Let's get a couple of things out of the way. Since I prefer having the Astros in the NL, I decided to send the Diamondbacks to the AL. I liked how it made the 1998 expansion parallel to the 1993 one (two NL teams for the latter, two AL teams for the former). Second, there are no carryovers from the current identity's elements of dot-matrix patterns, arched scripts, and random bits of bright teal. I like that the D-Backs tried something different, I just wished they used a microscopic bit of more restraint. 


I've never really liked any of the D-Backs' previous color schemes. The Sedona Red/Black/Sand (both versions) is so dull, and the purple/turquoise/black/copper is all kinds of messy. Purple/teal on their own is fine, but it's a bit too "cool" for my tastes (the Southwest style needs more warm colors than sand). However, I love the '98-'06 Arizona Turquoise and the '07-present Sedona Red. Both colors appear in Southwestern art and really fit with the geometric patterns present in the style:




When @anythinglogos suggested combining the two shades with sand, I knew that had to be the route I took with the concept. It keeps with the aesthetic of Southwestern art, while also being unique in the majors. While my planned color scheme for the Marlins may be similar (Dark Teal/Hot Pink/Light Blue), the cool accents and Art Deco font will make them different enough from the warm accents and jagged font (Kruella modified) of the Diamondbacks.

I kept the original uniforms' cream shade in this color mix, to pair with the dark sand as accents to the red and turquoise. It carries the Southwestern feeling of the '98-'06 look without being too fussy/looking terrible in "flat" applications. The '07-'15 font returns, as I liked its jagged nature (with a bit of a geometric edge) and mixed-case style. The "DB" logo comes back, and it helps push the Southwestern geometric pattern and conveys the team's name in a subtle way (while being less of a David Blaine ripoff).  




I took advantage of the unique color scheme with the uniforms, going for a turquoise/red co-dominant look. I went with a cream home uniform and a sand road set, as both colors fit with the color scheme and made them unique in the AL. There is no two-layer wordmark or "D-backs" script, as both look bad. Besides, the "A" on its own looks fantastic and calls back to the 2001 World Series uniforms. The NOB's are one-color, for legibility.


The striping of the cuffs, pants, and socks reinforces the Southwestern geometric pattern in a similar fashion to the '98-'06 alternates, replicating the coloration of the primary/cap logo. I got the idea from @FinsUp1214's excellent concept (the best purple/teal design I've seen on the boards).




The alternates are pretty straightforward, with the red alternate going all-in on the Sedona Red color. The Arizona Turquoise alternate can be worn on both the home and road uniforms.




Because the '98-'06 identity has its fans, I decided to upgrade the Throwback Thursday promotion. The vest will now alternate with the purple jersey from the period, to maximize purple's exposure in the throwback merchandise.




While this concept won't be to everyone's liking, I think it's an effective demonstration of how the Diamondbacks can have a unique look that is in keeping with regional art styles and aligns more with traditional baseball aesthetics, while also appeasing fans of the '98-'06 identity. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always!


For the alternate take, the Diamondbacks have a little re-christening.

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I really think this is your best D-Backs concept to date. It's less Christmas-y than your last update, and I'm glad you ditched the (in my opinion) lame "D snake" in favor of the superior "db" logo. I also wasn't a fan of the cream-colored cap logos from your previous versions, so I'm happy that red goes back to being the dominant color on the "A" (and teal on the red cap). And it goes without saying, this is a huge improvement over what they currently wear. 


Also, a re-christening? I can't wait to see what it is!

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The Diamondbacks look wonderful! Easily one of my favorite Arizona concepts on the boards. I love the color scheme and stripe patterns. My only suggestions would be based off of personal preference, in that I would personally make sedona red the primary color, use the current 'Arizona' wordmark and not use the 'db' logo. But again, this looks absolutely fantastic as is. Great job, looking forward to Part II!

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Thanks for the C+C, and here's the alternate take!


ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS, PT. II - Snaking their way through the Valley of the Sun


It may be an unpopular opinion, but I've never liked the name "Arizona Diamondbacks." I don't like the "Arizona" part because I don't like state names (Minnesota being the exception), and "Diamondbacks" is just too damn long for a sports team name (baseball diamond + Western Diamondback snake). It should have been rejected the minute Jerry Colangelo (their old owner) saw it on a jersey, but the mid-late '90's made a name like that possible. In the words of Dragon Ball Z Abridged's Vegeta:




So, let's change it up. "Arizona" gets replaced with "Phoenix," as the team plays in Phoenix proper (and they should stay at Chase Field, despite their current dickery). Besides, nobody has a problem with the Phoenix Suns and the area around Phoenix often identifies with that city. "Diamondbacks" get subbed out by "Snakes," as there are a bunch of different snakes native to the area. Besides, as @the admiral noted:


The color scheme is a simplified version of the '98-'06 color scheme, ditching purple and replacing the turquoise with a slightly lighter shade (one that contrasts more with the black). I figured that this color scheme was more snake-like while still being unique (I'm not the first to come up with basic idea either. Read the links and look at @davidmiller5's concept). Besides, it also has its base in Southwestern art:




The "A" logo becomes a "P," with some inspiration from @Buc and @robbman21's concept work. I appropriated the 2007-present "D-snake" logo to act as the snake head for the secondary logo (based around the 2011 All-Star Game logo). I redid the throwback patch to imagine what the 1998 Phoenix Snakes would look like, while also making that logo look slightly better in "flat" applications.




The uniforms are similar to my main take, albeit with black and turquoise being co-dominant and the "P" logo taking the place of the "A." Also, the shorter name means that the team can use their name on their home uniforms without it looking like crap.




The alternates are color swaps of the main concept, with a few tweaks for the new name.




The Arizona Turquoise-centric home alternate would be worn against other teams with black caps (i.e. Orioles, White Sox, and interleague with the Giants and Pirates). The Throwback Thursday set now features my attempt to recreate the "Snakes" script for the 1998-2006 identity.




It felt good to put the "Phoenix Snakes" idea to practice, and I really liked using this color scheme for the team. C+C is greatly appreciated.


Up next, the Chicago White Sox!

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