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Avalanche fantasy concept


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Apart from what Phocused said (and he makes a good point), this is your best work yet.

I've seen blue Colorado jerseys before, but this is a little different, and I like it. My fave is still GMS' Colorado concept, which while not perfect, is what I think the team should've gone with for an alt.

But your jersey is an interesting concept nonetheless. I like the snow-capped mountains look, and the trim is well done. The only problem lies in the logo. You should've left it the way it was IMO. I must commend your effort to eliminate the need for an outline, but in this case I think that'd be the best answer. There's too much red in the logo the way you've got it.

However, you should still consider this jersey an immense success, you're improving by leaps and bounds. However, you need to slow down man. I understand that you may be on a bit of a rush right now with logos, but don't burn yourself out. Go and take a break, sit back and relax and get away from logos for a day or more.

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i like it, and i'll say this only once: the flyers darks have always had white sleeves...aside from the crap that is their alternate.  haven't heard about anyone mistaking em for the white team yet.
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