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NFL Helmet Colors


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Hello to everyone in the forum. I am reaching out to everyone out there that likes to make their own NFL helmets. I enjoy making helmets for friends, for signings and yeah the every once in a while sale on Ebay.  I started out by buying helmets and just taking the decals off to customize for myself. Then I ran across some used helmets that were not quite so new and that were faded or discolored.  I then tried some of the services on Ebay that would paint helmets.  Initially some of them were good, but then I think the demand became too much and the quality of their work began to suffer or they just got too much business and farmed them out to other painters. I have invested in the equipment for painting. My question is for the do it your selfers out there where do you get your paint and what colors do you use? I know that Home Depot has the team colors, but that is for if you want to paint your house inside or out. I am looking for automotive paint for a nice shiny finish.  I m in Pennsylvania and have access to NAPA, Sherwin Williams and PPG.  I would love to hear from the veterans who have experience with their suggestions and tips.  I am definitely looking to learn and get your input.




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