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Columbus Blue Jackets - Adidas Concepts


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For whatever it's worth, I called up the Blue Jackets team shop after I saw the news yestertday morning that there will be new uniforms, and asked if they're expecting any major changes....the only answer I got was that "they would look like the originals" and that they "haven't seen them yet". Now, I'm not sure if they meant the inaugural jerseys, or the current ones. 


If so...I wonder if they'll look something like this:





But if they're making minimal changes and sticking close to what they currently wear, I wonder if they'll change the hem piping on the road since the red seems a bit out of place:




(and a matching home)





Considering the team shop has yet to see them, I do wonder if there will actually be a new look unveiled. If so, this is what I would like to see:





What does everyone hope to see from Columbus when Adidas takes over?

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