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Middle School used F Davidson's Redskins Concept


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I just wanted to throw this one out there. I actually went through a similar issue with a middle school. I then designed them a new one from scratch; which they now use. I know it is a middle school, but sports logo design can be hard, especially in the internet age where there is always influence and sometimes coincidental likeness and inspiration taken from other logos. So even though this is a middle school, I still wanted to post it as I know this logo all too well. If anyone is close to him as a friend, maybe you could let him know so he is a least aware. BTW does anyone see this as harmless? Or an issue? and if it was your logo, how would you feel? I read the THREAD on him creating this and it did take him sometime to get how he wanted it. He also has it on his online portfolio HERE.




warrior activities header.png




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On 5/27/2017 at 3:10 PM, charger77 said:

Is it possible that somebody stole the logo and sold it to the district by passing it off as their own creation?


I had the same gut feeling... whoever did all of those mods for the website knows Photoshop well enough to know better.

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