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Northern Lakes Conference Redesign (High School)


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Hello all!


For the past couple of months I ave been honing my skills and developing new ones along the way as well. I have now reached the point where I am ready to start a series that I can actually maintain and keep up, so here it is.


I just graduated high school, so I came up with the idea for a redesign for my school's conference, the Northern Lakes Conference (NLC). Most of the schools in the NLC have inconsistent logos across each sports (football, basketball, baseball etc. all use something different). The idea with this project is to bring some consistency to the school, while giving logos that can be used across all sports. Without further ado, here is the first item of interest: the new NLC logo.



Not to go all Nike speak here, but the logo is actually fairly representative of something. The light blue color represents the "lakes element" of the conference. In my school and our rival's county there are over 100 lakes alone. The point on the L represents the "Northern" part of the name. The point is also indicative of the high level of competition as well.



For comparison, here's the old logo. 

Image result for nlc logo




Since there's not much to look at here, I'll go ahead and unveil the first team now. I will try to have a team up per day, but no promises.


Concord Minutemen:



I created the "C" secondary and the wordmark from scratch as well. The primary is simply a restructured version of their current mark, shown below.

Image result for concord high school logo




Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy! C&C always welcome. 

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