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Canada 150 concept logo

Tyler Crowder

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On 5/31/2017 at 9:32 AM, dont care said:

Is there any meaning to the leaf being madenout of triangles?


and here I figured some of the reason for the triangles was inspiration from Canada's 1967 Centennial logo.


Some of the symbolism of that logo's triangles was:

"The content of each symbol concept featured a stylized maple leaf as the primary element and 11 elements representing the 10 provinces and the North West Territories — the accepted structure of the country at the time."






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I've found that a lot of the Canada 150 logo concepts I've seen are trying to hard to be as good as the Centennial Logo and that the designs are lacking and are all looking very similar because of it.


For what you have now, I'd suggest ditching the shield and adding more shapes to the maple leaf (they could all be triangles if you like, but they definitely don't need to be).


Just let your creative juices flow and don't let yourself be limited by the Centennial logo. 

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