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2018 Winter Classic Jersey Concepts


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Will think about making a concept logo to go along with this. For the time being though,

here are just the two jerseys. With the Sabres (supposedly) going back to Royal blue

full time next year I start to question what their winter classic will be. Unless they're 

keeping the gray outlines, I dont see them just doing the original jerseys because 

then they'll be unveiling two jerseys that look almost exactly the same. I guess I could

see that being a huge money grab though...Regardless, I chose a similar style to the 40th

jerseys they had but simplified. Moved the original crest to the shoulders and placed a number

under the script. I'm not a huge hater of the front numbers to begin with, but I feel under 

a script it looks nice to balance it out. Other than that, it's pretty typical.


For the Rangers, I don't see this design being probable but it's a design I've really liked

ever sine I did a similar concept about 2 years ago. Only difference is I didn't use the shield.

I went with a straight up block font with no drop shadow for it to be simpler. The blue and red shade

is a tad lighter then their actual shade and I brought down the saturation on both. To me, this

is my ideal Winter Classic jersey matchup. Excited to see what Adidas gives us though.


Also uploading detail to the Buffalo crest. 


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.16.38 PM.png

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5 minutes ago, Toronto206 said:

Sabres stripes too similar to Leafs. 

If anything it's closer to the Hurricanes striping as the Leafs dont have a double striped hem. I also don't think the Leafs own the double stripe look. 

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5 hours ago, Toronto206 said:

Good point. Love the Rangers though.

Thank you. 


19 hours ago, Hoovuh said:

Beautiful concepts and presentation.


Quick question though, how did you get the logos (script) to not be the mesh texture?


I was actually thinking about doing a tutorial vid for how I use this template soon. Quick answer: I select the outline of the logo, or whatever I'm using on the front. I then go to the effect layers and gaussian blur it each one just enough to not see the mesh anymore, but not so much that the lighting effect is ruined.

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Really awesome designs, and even better presentation. The Sabres felt logo is even better.


Only complaint is the placement of the logos on the pants. The Sabres logo would be on the wrong side, and they're both placed wrong on the pants themselves. Both logos are a little small, too.


That's it, though. Just some minor nitpicks.

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