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NHL's Adidas Takeover: The Debates and My Answers (Wild Added)


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The NHL is set to reveal, once again, a whopping 62 new jerseys produced by Adidas. We're at a strange point in NHL design history, where teams ruined by the Edge redesign have brought back popular throwbacks, have blown our minds by creating something new and beautiful, and some have done absolutely nothing and have maintained that their messes are adored by fans. So, will the Adidas takeover be a dream come true or a nightmare? That's only been fueled by poorly received World Cup jerseys, Adidas stripes and advertisement talk. We've pretty much agreed that the redesign will be a good thing, and it's come out that the teams that are in the need of a jersey do-over are getting them, with a few exceptions. In the NHL 2017-18 thread, the anticipation results in a lot of hot debate topics, mostly based around throwback or modernization, simplicity or newer, detailed logos, Xtreme 90s or "Original Six Dressup."


In this thread, I'll give you my both sides of the arguments, my opinion, and a compromise I've reached to hopefully please both sides. Along with the compromise concept, I'll be creating an alternate jersey that either goes along with the main set or aims to please the side that had the least influence on the concept.


Why not get started with one of the hottest debate topics in the past few months, and one of the teams receiving a redesign next year, the Colorado Avalanche.



(Ignore the yeti patches)



Let's get this out of the way: their jerseys are templated messes, and they shouldn't have survived more than three years, but here they are, ten years later, untouched besides the addition of a Colorado patch. Their earlier jerseys were arguably one of the best modern designs in NHL history, and this look just destroyed them. A couple years ago, they added a much more popular alternate jersey with new colours and a new, simple, throwback logo.


Both sides of the argument are agreed on one thing: their current primaries need to go. Other than that, not much.


My Side:

- Return to the original, or something resembling the original mountain striping pattern.

- Keep the current primary logo.

- Keep the current shade of steel blue.

- The Rockies-inspired logo is nicely designed, but its '70s counterpart was much better. Leave it in the past, it's New Jersey's history anyway.


The Other Side:

- The original jerseys are too radical for today's NHL.

- The current primary belongs in the '90s.

- The new blue-based look is much more balanced than the current maroon-based look.

- The Rockies-inspired logo is the simple, historic face the franchise needs.

- Promote the alternate jersey to primary, and make an away version.


My Design:


First off, I kept the mountain striping pattern, but downscaled it on the arms. I used the new colour hierarchy, but added a little silver between the white and maroon stripes to reference the primary logo, the original one slightly recoloured. I also kept the large yokes from the alternate, the simple numbers, and the new C patch. I felt like I satisfied both sides, so I went with something new for the alternate. The primaries are pretty modern, so I made a chest stripe out of every colour of the scheme. The C is primary, and the rest is simple to compliment the striping.


What do you think? C&C is appreciated, more is coming soon!

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Solid uniforms for the Avs. My only nitpick is that the yokes on the home and away drop a little too far down. I also think the alternate could (Ironically) use a yoke or something to add more blue into the mix. It feels pretty devoid of color, which is something the first two jerseys don't.


One last thing: I'm in the minority that thinks the Avs' current alternate logo is better than the primary. Especially with the navy blue, I think the Rockies-throwback logo the Avs have would work so much better on these. Not saying the logo you used is bad, I just think the other one would be better.


Regardless, if the Avs unveiled these jerseys, I couldn't complain.

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4 minutes ago, Toronto206 said:

If the Avs did something like this, where the design is scaled back, it would be a top-10 look. Great work! Are you doing all teams, or just the hotly debated teams?

For now, just teams like the Ducks, Wild, and Senators.

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I've seen that home uniform before ;)




But in all seriousness, I think this is a great compromise.  The Avalanche should never change their primary logo, it says everything it needs to about the team & location and then some.  Your road option looks great and makes for a more cohesive set than what I attempted above.  Although I miss the foot, the Colorado logo fits nicely and the primary logo on the pants is nice touch.  The alternate is perfect aside from the unnecessary navy, hem stripe.  No need for it when the pants are already navy.  Great work and I look forward to seeing more.  I particularly like how you analyzed the opposing views on their identity to show why you made the decisions you did.

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Ah, debate, exactly what I was going for! I see that people on both sides of the argument aren't opposed to the concept, so that's great to see. Anyway, next up? A team that I hadn't expected to generate much controversy until a couple months ago, the Minnesota Wild.




They've been stuck in an identity crisis for years, which has been improved slowly over the past few years, with the redesign of their away jersey to match their alternate. Any one of their current three can be the basis of a strong primary set. However, none match perfectly, and their least popular out of the trio is being worn as their home jersey. I'll be looking at three sides this time, but as opposed to the Avalanche, all of them would work great in my opinion.


My Side:

- Their original jerseys were nice, but why choose them if you have their current away?

- That jersey is the best they've ever worn.

- They should stick with green as primary.

- All you need to do to the alternate is replace the logo and take away the phantom yoke.


The Other Side:

- Their original jerseys were edgy, classic, and unique at the same time.

- They were the best they've ever worn, with a few tweaks they should be brought back.

- Keep green as primary.

- The current classic set is too simple and doesn't represent a '90s team well.


A Seldom Looked At Side:

- The best jersey they've ever come out with is the Stadium Series jersey.

- It has green as primary.

- Make a matching white or cream jersey and get them on the ice now!


My Design:


As always, my vision takes a bit of the front seat, but I added elements from the other side too. The white jersey has striping from their original, and the green is inspired by the Stadium Series jersey. Back when I originally created something like this, it was my ideal look, but I've changed my views since then. Recently, it was posted and gained a lot of traction on Icethetics, so I think it would have a lot of appeal. Since the primaries are green-heavy, for the alternate I kept a red based jersey around, but tied it in with the main set.


What do you think? Comment below!


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21 hours ago, ldconcepts said:

For now, just teams like the Ducks, Wild, and Senators.


Could you add the Flames to your list  There is lots of debate within the fanbase regarding the inclusion of black.  I'd like to see what you come up with.

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