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San Jose Sharks Adidas concept


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So a few years ago when the Sharks were hosting a Stadium Series game against the Kings, I came up with a concept of what they might wear. Many people said it should be used as the full-time set.  However, others said that the colors meshed too much and it bogged down the design.  So, with Adidas set to unveil the uniforms tomorrow, I thought I'd throw my design in what I would hope the Sharks would do.  




Granted, I'm not expecting much.  I'd be pleasantly surprised if there was something even close to this. Shoulder patches were left blank as I didn't know which one they were going to go with. I just saw that reveal in the teaser trailer this afternoon.  


So the orange could be removed, but I might actually be getting used to the orange...oh my, what is happening! :)

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