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NHL Adidas Concepts


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3 hours ago, Rygi13 said:

Vegas Golden Knights

"Vegas Lights" Third  | Heather pattern throughout the jersey 


Cool idea on the screen but the material would have to be really reflective for there to be any contrast. Even the current Hurricanes third jerseys just turn to greyish mush on the screen.

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2 hours ago, appleclock said:

I really like most of these, but the all red (and cream) Wild third is a little too much red. Colorado is amazing. That powder blue is perfect for that team—why they’ve never tried it is beyond me.

Here is an alternate "wild" idea I had for Minnesota


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2020 Winter Classic

All striping and applications on each uniform is a cotton felt-like fabric as a nod to the Cotton Bowl. Nashville's uniforms are inspired by the Dixie Flyers. The city's music history is seen in the eighth note in the "Nashville" script and the six strings featured on the yellow stripes. Dallas's home white uniforms take cues from the Dallas Texans.


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2020 Stadium Series Game
Striping on LA's gray jerseys is inspired by the paint jobs of WW2 allied planes. The jersey is finished with a chrome monochromatic logo and military-inspired numbers.

Striping on Colorado's navy uniforms draws inspiration from the Air Force's National Star Insignia. The uniforms feature chrome numbers and lettering across the chest.


Each player's jersey features a unique ribbon stack that highlights their nation and achievements.


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Arizona Milwaukee Coyotes

Milwaukee is long overdue for an NHL team.  Tomorrow will mark the first hockey game played at the Fiserv Forum, home of the Milwaukee Bucks. While the Coyotes search Arizona for a new home for their team and fans (30th in attendance so far this year) a brand new arena sits in a hockey-happy state with no hockey team to call home. This concept sees the Coyotes packing up and moving north.


The team adopts a new color scheme: Blue, a nod to the Milwaukee Admirals and Lake Michigan, Cream, a nod to the city's 'Cream City' nickname, and Burnt Orange, the color of a coyote. While the franchise did just go back to the Kachina logo and uniforms full time, that change is reversed since the Kachina look has a strong visual connection to the south west. However, the Kachina logos have been updated to match the new color scheme and remain a part of the teams visual identity. Rounding out the identity is the Wisconsin state secondary logo, this logo replaces the AZ state logo.  Yes this is the same logo the Bucks use... with "MKE" replacing "Bucks", there are only so many ways to render a state outline and this already mirrors the hard edges of the outgoing AZ logo, so why not?


Finally, the uniforms. Inspired by the jersey the Kachina Coyote is wearing the new uniforms both feature a large sleeve stripe with small contrasting piping. The hem stripe follows the same pattern. On the Cream away jersey the same pattern is repeated again on the shoulders.



Kachina Alternate


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