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Red Wings Alternate Concept


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Because there won't be alternate jerseys next year, I was thinking of ideas for alternate ideas for jerseys, and this popped into my head. This Red Wings concept takes their sash from their stadium series jersey, and adds a stripe below, like their winter classic jerseys. The striping pattern also throws back to when the Red Wings were the Cougars. the sleeve numbers are placed in the stripes to make the jersey unique.


C&C is appreciated!

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On 7/3/2017 at 0:17 PM, ldconcepts said:

10/10. Absolutely perfect.


4 hours ago, Zeus89725 said:

I actually really like these. Really unique, different, and cool-looking jerseys.


2 minutes ago, Tygers09 said:

If the Wings weren't so dedicated not changing uniforms because of the classic look, this concept would bean excellent modern look.


Thanks for the feedback guys! Much appreciated. 

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9 hours ago, NoE38 said:

Can I ask why?

 Yes you may.


The  stripe  is just wrong.I was born in Detroit and have been a fan forever.

I almost couldn't watch the stadium series with that stripe.


At best it looked like a minor league specialty jersey.


Maybe take the angle stripe and make that the stripe at the bottom. Matching the sleeves and socks.


But hey thats just me..



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