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The Pacific Electric Football League (v.2!)


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Another crack at this I shall be taking. Less bogged down in historical minutiae and more designer-rific content. Kits, logos, stadiums!

With that said, here's some.....historical minutiae ..... :mellow:


Historically, the Pacific Electric Railway Co. was primarily a Los Angeles area land development scheme. Profits came from the PE shareholders routing rail lines through their land holdings to facilitate development. Passenger service alone never made a profit.

Fictitiously, creating a sports league to provide attractions along PE routes would encourage development and fill the trolley cars on match days. 


In the beginning there was the Pacific Electric Football League, and it was very good.

So good that another organization, the Trolley League, established clubs at stops along the PE routes. For decades the two leagues had a handshake agreement implementing a promotion/relegation system and a unified league cup. Occasionally friction erupted, like with the transfer freeze of 1924, yet eventually the two leagues became a single entity in 1949. When land development declined, the lines ended general service and became a seasonal system serving only the PE leagues during its match days.

In 1972 the league re-branded to reflect its unified organizational structure and to distance itself from its streetcar heritage. The Otto Aicher-inspired or ripoff league logo invited much litigation and proved unpopular however, and a more traditional design replaced it. Following a resurgence of public light rail patronage in the early 1990's, the league retro-branded to embrace its history. Though it is branded as an independent league, the Trolley League remains the Second Division of the PE league.


A visual aid:



...and a league map. As each club concept is completed the map info will be updated. #motivation



In this concept, Association football is as American as apple pie and NASCAR...in Los Angeles. The nation looks upon this region with a curious awe and befuddlement. 


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This is an amazing start to this series. Adding the 3D Renderings of each stadium gives it all a nice touch. Los Angeles City FC looks pretty good as well. Simple, yet effective. Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the series.

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33 minutes ago, b0ss pls said:

So what is Switzer? And How are you making these?


50% of my actual name.

And Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketchup....and holycrap these pics came out jpeg artifacted. :ninja:

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