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Sorry if this thread has already been made before, but what are some of your favorite odd names in sports? I know there's the Dick Trickle and Rusty Kuntz ones, but I'm not talking about the dirty ones like that. What I find funny are the really "interesting" names like the ones below.


Danger Fourpence

Thurston Armbrister

Creedance Clearwater Couto

Yourhighness Morgan

Earthwind Moreland

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Phillipkeith Manley

Sir'Dominic Pointer

Tutankhamen Reyes


Any other people with really odd names?

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My favourite thing about Harry Baals is the time a reporter interviewed him and tried to side-step around that by pronouncing his name "Bales", only for Harry to correct him: "Son, this is your Mayor. I pronounce my name 'Balls'." Like, he knew exactly what his name sounded like (if I had to guess he probably got picked on a lot as a kid) but he just owned it completely; I can respect that.

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Rangers 2nd baseman Rougned Odor and his brother, Rangers infield prospect Rougned Odor.


The story behind the name is that Rougned is a combination of his grandparents' names; Douglas and Nedia. So, Dougned. But, family tradition dictates that names start with an R (so his uncle is named Rouglas, I'm imagining this strange tradition started with his naming), so you get Rougned. Why there are two of them, however, I have no idea.

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