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College Basketball management game #Freshinformations


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Hi, I don't know if it's the right place to put this, anyway ! was looking for several management basketball game and I've found college basketball developed by WolverineStudio. I find that the idea of the management for college sport was great.  I've sent a video of a demo that I've made to show my graphic skills etc. Well they said that it was good looking but still say no. SO my question now is : Is somebody around this forum or around you is familiar with this kind of game? (manement game) because I want to know a lot about these, like if it's difficult what kind of software are used etc. I've put pics of what I've sent. I'll not post the video (probably will later). What do you think about the whole thing ?  (the basketball field made and the logo are made by myself).


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12 hours ago, wentvoltage123 said:

Can we play this?

Well no I wanted , to redesign the whole stuff for the studio but they don't want to add anyone at the moment to their staff so no, unless an other studio wants to work on this. 



8 hours ago, KINGCHANCELLOR said:

This is amazing! You should post this in their forum boards if you haven't already

well I haven't post these on their forums but I've sent an email. 

I guess this is hard to find people familiar with this kind of game :(

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Hi I haven't Quit lol even if I don't get a lot of help despite using several forums. Here are 3 new screen of what I'm doing . 

This one is about timeoute during games, You'll see top right you'll be able to talk to your team or individually by choosing a maximum of 3 players. For example if your team missed the last 5 shots and didn't defended well, You'll be able to get angry or stay calm on your team. But each decision you're making got a results. 2nd Option Your shooting guard is 2-8 on the field, You'll be able to choose his name into the list and pep talk him or tell him to pass it if he can't shoot that night. Each of your word will affect your players, Each one of them got a Confidence barre. And depends on your relation with him his performance, your charisma, and mental mark.

Here is 2 option You're leading and trailing depends on what happening during the game you'll be able to say different stuffs. I mean not always the same.


This is a tough exercice as everything you can say will be understood or not or even modify. This is the case on this example, The different journalists are questioning you,
You'll be able to respond by 3 ways Calm, Neutral or irritate and every ways are leading to different interactions, from your fans to your players and the differents medias. You'll have a barre Media so you can see your relation with them. What is it for? Well respond to them build a solid relation with them they'll not try to destabilize you or post rumors. They'll not try to trap you. 


3 The Social network
This social network will be important to see your reputation across the country or in your city. You'll be able to read messages from opponent's teams media, ppl in your area or across the country during big touneys for example. Automatically you're gonna be able to read it after the game and interviews. Again be carefull about what you're saying by saying certains things you can create a rivalities, be criticized, or even hurt your players. You'll be able to gain followers by getting good results etc. Your personality will affect your realtion with other coaches, teams, staff , media or the players you're scooting. Socialnetwork.thumb.png.2f2411a07b19a3486bbf8799ad4668db.png

Hope this will interest you guys, and hope he'll get informations. Thanks 

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Hi, I just red an article about making your own games, and I really consider it. It's the best way to be noticed, or hire ppl to work on it. It will take a lot of time but I have to atleast try. Here is my question now, if you had to create a game like Football manager on PC what program you would use ? This kind of game will be based on numbers, statistics etc...

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