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Your city's Mount Rushmore

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Minnesota's tough.  We fancy ourselves "the State of Hockey" but I don't think a hockey player makes it; in large part because neither the North Stars nor the Wild ever had a true superstar on par with some of the better Twins and Vikings (and one T-Wolf).  Neal Broten was a Hall-of-Very-Good caliber player who won Olympic gold, an NCAA title (at Minnesota, along with the first Hobey Baker), and a Stanley Cup (in New Jersey). He also played most of his career with the North Stars.  But I don't think he quite makes it.



Bud Grant, Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, Kevin Garnett, Fran Tarkenton.


That said, it's tough to leave out Rod Carew, Alan Page, Adrian Peterson, and Cris Carter

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7 hours ago, tigerslionspistonshabs said:


I was keeping it to players...which I know is difficult when you only have 1 pro team (sorry, MLS). 


Ah gotcha! In that case if we're doing just players...that makes it a little tougher, but I'll say Stockton, Malone, Beckerman, Rimando, and for now, Adrian Dantley. BUT if Gobert stays long enough and stays at a high level, then he's got a good chance of getting in there. He's pretty much an icon here already.

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New York is a brutally tough one, because of having multiple teams in each sport. There's no singular sports figures who 'unite' the entire city as a result. But taking a hack at it:


Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Willis Reed


The four biggest sports stars in New York history? I wouldn't say so. Ruth and Robinson are the only ones that absolutely have to be on there, IMO.


Willis Reed was a tough call - I wanted to include a basketball player since New York is such a great basketball town. I'd put Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing as the best two players in Knicks history, personally, and Reed gets the nod since he won two championships, and later became a Knicks head coach (and worked in the Nets' FO as well). But that's a really tough one - a New York Mount Rushmore would not be complete without a basketball player, but I can't say there is one player that towers over the rest. Wish I could pick a homegrown New York star since NYC is so well renowned for producing great basketball talent, but there really isn't a standout homegrown star who made his name with the Knicks (Melo can be just as identified with the Nuggets as the Knicks, IMO). You can make a good argument for Dr. J, though he's probably more identified with the Sixers than the Nets in the public eye.


Lou Gehrig got a spot over Tom Seaver, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays, Jeter, etc. I put Gehrig over them, since he was born and raised in New York City, and has obtained mythic status due to his consecutive games streak and tragic disease and death. Gehrig over Mantle was a close call since Mickey Mantle has become the symbol of boomers' childhood (and nostalgia for 50's America in general), but I think Gehrig is more intrinsically "New York." Likewise, Mays played half his career in San Francisco, and the Giants weren't really the 'toast of the town' here in New York by start of his career.


I debated whether to have three ballplayers and no football or hockey players, but there realistically aren't any football or hockey players in New York that are anywhere close to being iconic and universally admired as those four. Phil Simms, Y.A. Tittle, LT, Joe Namath, aren't anywhere close to being in that stratosphere. Nor are Messier, Potvin, Leetch, etc. (pains me to say it, but I'd bet tons of New Yorkers wouldn't even recognize those guys), while Gretzky only played a few years here.


Realistically, guys like Mantle, Mays, Seaver, Jeter, etc., are more 'iconic' than Willis Reed in the public eye. But I couldn't justify to myself having a Mount Rushmore with four baseball players (especially if three were from the Yankees), and excluding basketball entirely.

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-Chicago: Ernie Banks, Stan Mikita, Walter Payton, Michael Jordan, and uh... Sandberg? Sosa? Toews? Kane? Pippen?


-San Diego: Tony Gwynn, Dan Fouts, LaDainian Tomlinson, Trevor Hoffman, Antonio Gates (hm Philip Rivers)


-Milwaukee/GB: Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Robin Yount, Lew Alcindor/Kareem (hm Hank Aaron. better player than Yount, but I'd prefer to put a Brewer and not a Brave)


-Atlanta: Hank Aaron, Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Deion Sanders, Dominique Wilkins (hm Smoltz, Niekro, Glavine, Murphy, Matt Ryan)

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19 hours ago, tigerslionspistonshabs said:


Boston- Larry Bird, Tom Brady, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, Ted Williams 


I think this is a good shout, but leaving the Celtics as the team to get two players is maybe not the most Boston move. I'd replace Russell with Carl Yazstremski or David Ortiz. (Note that this isn't my personal opinion -- just that Boston's not so much a basketball town, relatively speaking.)

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Boston: Ted Williams, Larry Bird, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady (probably the most balanced Mount Rushmore across the 4 major sports that you'll see)


Chicago: Michael Jordan, Ernie Banks, Bobby Hull, Walter Payton


New Jersey: Martin Brodeur, Jason Kidd, Scott Niedermayer, Ken Daneyko


St. Louis: Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Albert Pujols, Brett Hull (honorable mention to Kurt Warner, Ozzie Smith, Red Schoendiest, and Tony La Russa)


Los Angeles: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Sandy Koufax, Eric Dickerson


Baltimore: Cal Ripken, Jr., Johnny Unitas, Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson (sorry Ray Lewis ;))

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3 hours ago, TheGrimReaper said:

-Milwaukee/GB: Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Robin Yount, Lew Alcindor/Kareem (hm Hank Aaron. better player than Yount, but I'd prefer to put a Brewer and not a Brave)


Hmm.  Hard to leave the Hammer off the list. 


I don't think we can put Rodgers there yet, and I'm tempted to leave Favre off.  Because there's no way Don Hutson can be excluded - he is still the best receiver ever to play the position.  If pro football hadn't been a niche sport in those days, he'd have been Babe Ruth.

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Chicago:  Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, Michael Jordan, Jonathan Toews, Harry Caray


Champaign:  Red Grange, George Halas, Dick Butkus, Lou Henson, Deron Williams


Charleston:  Tony Romo, Sean Payton, Mike Shanahan, Jimmy Garropolo, Matt Hughes

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21 hours ago, crashcarson15 said:

Cleveland is, uhh, actually probably a lot more difficult than I would've initially thought.


LeBron James, Jim Brown and Jesse Owens are the givens for me. I'll go with Bob Feller for the fourth, but it's a tough call.


You think it was difficult?  I thought 3 out of 4 were very easy:


  • Jim Brown - Arguably the greatest football player of all time.  Civil Rights activist.
  • LeBron James - Arguably a top 3 basketball player of all time.  Arguably the most charitable athlete of all time.
  • Bob Feller - Arguably the greatest right handed pitcher of all time.  WWII war hero.


In the 4th spot, I considered a few:

  • Larry Doby - Broke the color barrier in the American League, 2 weeks after Jackie Robinson.
  • Paul Brown - Arguably the greatest football coach of all time.  The namesake for the most beloved team in town.
  • Urban Meyer - Although not a "Clevelander," arguably one of the greatest college coaches of all time.
  • Jesse Owens - 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist.  Civil Rights activist.
  • Stipe Miocic - UFC Champion and ties the record for most successful heavyweight defenses.
  • Bernie Kosar - Although not a serious contender compared to others in the list, his cult hero reputation can't be ignored.


The 4th spot, I initially was going to give it to Lary Doby or Paul Brown... but I think Jesse Owens is the correct 4th member.

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If my little ol' hometown of Pensacola, Florida actually had a mountain...or any other kind of hill...


- Emmitt Smith

- Roy Jones Jr.

- Derrick Brooks

- Bubba Watson (actually from the next town over--but we claim him!)



If and when he retires, we'll probably reserve a spot for Roman Reigns, too.


As for my second hometown, I'll take a crack at Indianapolis, since I've not yet seen it mentioned...


- Oscar Robertson

- Reggie Miller

- Peyton Manning

- Lauren Cheney Holiday(?)

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