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Best NBA sets ever


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I decided to rank my favorite NBA uniforms sets ever. I ranked these based on personal preference, aesthetic, and uniqueness. The set is intended to include the home, road, and alternate uniforms (terms nearly obsolete now).


1. Orlando Magic 1997-98 (home, road, alternate)

2. Orlando Magic 2002-03 (home, road)

3. Utah Jazz 2016-17 (home, road, alternate)

4. Toronto Raptors 2005-06 (home, road, alternate)

5. New Orleans Hornets 2012-13 (home, road, alternate)

6. Minnesota Timberwolves 2007-08 (home, road, alternate)

7. Seattle Sonics 1994-95 (home, road)

8. Washington Wizards 2016-17 (home, road, alternate)

9. Milwaukee Bucks 2016-17 (home, road, alternate)

10. Atlanta Hawks 2016-17 (home, road, alternate)


Honorable mentions (in order):

Orlando Magic 2016-17 (home, road, alternate)

Denver Nuggets 1992-93 (home, road)

Brooklyn Nets 2016-17 (home, road, alternate)

Charlotte Bobcats 2011-12 (home, road)

Seattle Sonics 2007-08 (home, road, alternate)

Philadelphia 76ers 2005-06 (home, road, alternate)

Utah Jazz 2003-04 (home, road, alternate)


bold = current set

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