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Miss. Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) Rebrand


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So as I sit here and watch Last Chance U on Netflix, I get the urge to try and tackle a possible rebrand of JUCO football teams here in the Magnolia State.  Being a lifelong resident of the Coast, I wanted to start with Mississippi Gulf Coast (MGCCC) in Perkinston, as it is the "hometown" team around these parts.  So for now, they are as far as I have gotten.  I plan on doing the rest at some point, and you can follow that at huntthejones.wordpress.com if you wish.


For those who don't know, they go by simply by Perk, Gulf Coast, or MGCCC.  They are the Bulldogs, and their colors are Navy, Gold, White, and they have started to integrate a light Grey here recently that I think I'll run with as well.  A quick Google search will turn up their current logo set which includes a rendition of the old Mississippi State primary, where "STATE" is replaced by "GULF COAST" and a secondary bulldog head that you see in Walmart on the local high school team shirts.  The primary is pretty much cemented into the culture around the school (so much so that they have unofficially adopted the phrase "Hail Perk", so replacing it won't ever do, and I attempted to upgrade what is there by simply, well, making it simpler.  The bulldog was my real project here.  I wanted to create something that was iconic, simple, and theirs.  So I searched an image for their particular mascot and turned up this as my inspiration:




I sketched it up quickly and tried to turn it into a logo, which is where I need some C&C as I feel like it's missing something.




So without any further rambling, here is the tentative logo set.




My questions are, how does the Bulldog function as a logo, what does it need?  Should I drop they Grey entirely?  C&C please.  Uniforms, etc. to follow.



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First up is Baseball.  Gulf Coast currently uses the block M primary on their baseball hat, but I'm a huge fan of the baseball only logos for teams so I created an interlocking "GC" for Gulf Coast in the block font.  




With the uniforms, I went for a classic baseball look with the script across the chest.  At home, you can see MGCCC rocking the white uniforms with the "Bulldogs" across the chest.  On the road, the primary is a standard Grey with "MGCCC" in block across the chest.  For alternates, a Navy top with "Gulf Coast" in script or a Gold top with "Perk" will do.  C&C please!



The Gulf Coast Baseball Hat.



The Home Whites and Road Greys.



The Alternate Navy and Gold Tops.

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