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Houston Rockets Bring back the glory.


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I am a resident of Houston, Texas and have been craving for the Rockets to bring back the classic red and yellow look. I used a template from a post on here and thought I would put my spin on the uniforms since NBA is going with NIKE this upcoming season. Since the Rockets play in the Toyota Center, I thought it would be crafty to have Toyota as the teams sponsor. I also took the classic red and yellow logo and touched it up a bit and added a more modern text to the "HOUSTON" part and took out the black from the logo and focused more on red and yellow. Hope you enjoy. 

Rockets  NIKE away.png

Rockets NIKE Home.png

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Just read that each NBA team will have 4 jersey options
- Association (Classic white)
- Icon (Team color)
- Athlete Mindset
- Community (Locally inspired)

I have the Association and Icon jerseys done.


Now to show you the Community jersey. Inspired by the Houston Astros. 



Community Jersey.png

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While I think that wordmark font looks a bit dated and would benefit greatly from proper upper-case 't', 'n', and 'e' characters, I absolutely love your Community Edition jersey with the Astros-inspired 'Tequila Sunrise' side striping -- it's a crisp design with a wonderfully fun color palette. The Icon and Association Editions you've created would be the best things they've worn since they last wore those same designs, so hopefully they consider a re-brand like that sooner than later. The Athlete's Mindset Edition is also cool, though the 'H-TOWN' moniker makes it feel more like a fashion jersey and the 't' in the wordmark font still irks me. 


Great work across the board -- if these were the four uniforms the Rockets wore on the court this upcoming season I'd be more than okay with that!

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