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Crap; I posted this is the wrong thread Cleveland Browns white helmet mock up 2020


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10 minutes ago, Dan O'Mac said:

It's tough to say without seeing the side. Will the side have any decal, or just be blank? Because a white helmet with no logo is a HUGE step back from the current orange helmet.


I probably will. Looks very dull without the logo. I am finishing the side. Already finished the rear view of the helmet. I might put the B oval logo in it. But yeah.

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@Dan O'Mac It looked horrible plain, so I did add a logo to it. Here is what all sides look like,

I like the brownie brown color. I could go back to burnt orange with it, but it would mud the color up. So I kept the orange that I used from their 1999-2004 colors. The brown was shown on Colorwerx as their 1975-1983 (?) type of seal brown (?) That confused me big time as I thought it was slightly darker than that.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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