Making a Jersey With A Template

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Most templates are SVGs or PSDs, meaning you should use Photoshop, which is the industry standard. Both files have layers included in the document, meaning users can easily customize each layers which the creator creates for easy editing. 


Gimp is indeed free, but has its limitations. If you want your end product to look like you use a free program, then use a free program. For beginners it makes sense. If you get the hang of it and want to turn a hobby into work, then I suggest dishing out the money for the Creative Suite. 


I usually design logos and crests, and most jersey elements in Illustrator, and bring them into Photoshop to finalize jersey designs. The process is usually 80% Illustrator time, and 20% Photoshop time. 


NEVER EVER, EVER design logo work in Photoshop. Photoshop creates rasterized documents, which means that it cannot be scaled to a larger size than the original is without losing quality. It uses a pixel system. Illustrator is vector based program meaning that shapes and elements are based off percentages rather than set numbers, so shapes and elements are able to be resized without losing any quality. That's basically a "explain like I'm 5" of the two programs. 


If you want more informations, access and advice on whichever kind of template feel free to let me know. I'll do my best to let you know. 

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My advice is to get, then download the .PSD Plugin, so you can open/use the files. Only works on Windows, though.

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