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Indiana Pacers Concept


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I liked the idea that Indiana had to create a design featuring stripes to represent cornfields. However, like a lot of others, I think the design felt a little bit disjointed with an uber-old school wordmark compared with modern side striping. I wanted to try my hand at a design for the Pacers that would better incorporate the ideas, and then ultimately scrapped the circle wordmark idea.


The two main issues I had with the uniforms (particularly the home) is 1) The primarily blue side panels with smaller yellow stripes. For as long as I can remember, Indiana has worn yellow side panels, and to me that look is iconic for the team. The fact that golden state also wears blue side panels with yellow stripes is annoying to me. 2) The strange modernity of the pattern. It just doesn't fit the whole "home grown" classic theme they seemed to be going for.


So, without further ado, my concept.





The design retains side stripes, but does so in a more traditional manner. The yellow panels with the horizontal stripes are meant to evoke the uniforms of the Reggie Miller era with its yellow side panels and pinstripes, while maintaining its own unique identity. The panels also taper, getting thinner and thinner towards the top, a much less drastic nod to the FloJo era. Finally, the chest wordmark, back names, and numbers are italicized, reminiscent of the italicized wordmarks worn by the team for nearly two decades starting in 1981. Finally, white was eliminated from the road uniform. Ultimately, adding white outlines created an inconsistent striping pattern with the panels (which look terrible with white lines).


Obviously, nothing too over the top, but something that I feel is a bit more "Pacers" while still creating a unique identity.

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The fonts fit well, and I think the emphasis on yellow side panels makes a lot of sense given their uniform history. I have a strong aversion to yellow and white next to each other, but the Icon Edition feels a bit dull....perhaps you could give the wordmark and numerals a navy stroke and then a white stroke so there's some contrast in between? Basically like their pinstripe-era uniforms.


I can't tell how I feel about the side panels....they feel a bit dense (though I hate the new truncated side panels they unveiled), and given the colors I can't unsee Marquette.


I like this concept, and really appreciate your reasoning for elements like the tapered side panels referencing the FloJo-era uniforms, etc. I think it could use a bit of tweaking, but it looks like a good start to me!

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