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Free Animal&Human Characters Sports Logo Vectors

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We are giving away two bundles of sports logo vectors, featuring aggressive animals and human characters. These can be repurposed for any sport. The logos come both in .EPS and .AI formats, separated for each different animal/human character. We also included some fitting fonts to change the city and team names. They're subject to unlimited license, which means you can basically do anything you like with them as long as it shares the same license (it's included in the zip).

So that's it, if you like them you can find the files here, and I'll be up to answer any question you guys might have. Also we'd love to see any logo you make with them :).


And feel free to share them anywhere you like!

Aggressive Animal Logo

Human Character Logos

Agressive Animals Sports Logo.png

Warriors Sports Logo.png

Spartans Sports Logo.png

Vikings Sports Logo.png

Knights Sports Logo.png

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Provided direct links to the files. Please do not advertise on the forum.

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I've removed the advertisements and linked directly to the zip file if anyone wants to use the templates provided. 

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