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WWE Network Title (created in GIMP)


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Idea for a new tertiary title for the WWE. sideplates based off of a phone, center is based off a television. black leather belt, silver would be nickel. black in the screens would be glossy, WWE Network logo and champion would be flush with the “screen” surface with logo done in gemstones and champion in nickel, black dot on “tv casing” would be black gemstone. Phone shaped sidepieces have the Peters projection map split in half. nickel for silver, onyx for black, faux ruby sheet for red.  silver between the plates would be nickel versions of the beveled roundels on the main belts.


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I don't hate the idea, but phones and tablets don't really lend itself well to title belts. Try using an app icon shape instead. In fact, you could look at Zack Ryder's Internet Championship belt for inspiration. Hope this helps. 

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Ok, so this is version 2.0. Not very clean because I am still getting used to Gimp and dealing with the angles from the nonagon was somewhat tricky. However, I think this is a vast improvement. Inspired by the current cruiserweight championship, the WWE championship, the internet title (app roundel sideplates) and the black strapped Intercontinental championship.


The idea behind the title:

WWE Network Title

In my opinion, it is time for WWE to have a tertiary title again and I believe that the best type would be a “television” type title. The title would be known as the WWE Network Title and any wrestler on a WWE roster would be eligible to compete for it.  The initial holder would be decided in the Knockout.

Network Title Knockout

20 Person Gauntlet Match

·         9 from RAW (GM’s choice, 3 wrestlers must be women)

·         9 from SmackDown (GM’s choice, 3 wrestlers must be women)

·         2 from 205 Live (qualifying tournament)

Title Defense

Title will be defended weekly, open challenge system. Priority given to those that were in Knockout. Type of match would be determined at random (à la Raw Roulette) . 4 consecutive defenses will entitle holder to shot at championship of their choosing, to be contested at next brand pay-per-view.

Possible match options: Champion's Choice, Lumberjack, Falls Count Anywhere, Submissions Count Anywhere, Object  On A Pole, No DQ, Tables, Submission, Iron Man, Last Man Standing, Beat The Clock, TLC

Vacated Title

Once a Network Title has been cashed in, a new Knockout would occur with the format alternating between Gauntlet and Battle Royal


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