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NBA ft. Nike Project (Cavaliers 2/30)


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So with the recent NBA releases,I had some ideas... and decided to translate them into concepts. 

Some stuff will remain intact: Nike Swoosh to stay,4 uniform format as well,although I'll increase the throwbacks to 10. 

Ads,however,are not welcome in this project; I don't like them (the way they are,they're merely a superflous gimmick,tbh)

Teams that comprised the playoffs will go first,then everyone else based on standings. I'll alternate between the Western and Eastern conferences,Western first since the champions are from there.


So,let's start with the 2016/17 champs: the Golden State Warriors





The "Association" and "Icon" uniform are based off their look from the first half of the 1990s. These two feature a sublimated "bridge" graphic on the bottom left,taken from the primary logo. The slate grey "athlete's mindset" uniform has the same design,albeit printed in yellow/blue,while the yellow "community" uniform is a simplification of their current look + bit of a fauxback.


Up next: I'll try to fix the broken new Cavaliers unis...

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A good start...


A suggestion that just came to me: Maybe add a "WARRIORS" vertical wordmark to the player's left-side of the shorts on the Community uniform. Also, maybe add the 'W-in-a-circle' to some of the waistbands?

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On the gold, I would probably use the non-skewed numbers. I'm not a fan of the full color bridge on the front of the black jersey; i think the tonal effect looks better. Otherwise, get set!

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@Ben5 You're probably right about the non-skewed numbers... I changed that. Regarding the slate set,I just wanted it to have a little more flair than the other two that share the template... all grey would be a little drab I think.

I felt @Conrad. was right; there was something missing from the shorts. But instead of a "Warriors" type,which would probably be too cheesy (although faithful to the look I got inspired from),I simply coloured in the side panels; allowing the shorts logo to retain its colours.


So here we go,a super quick update:



I might come back and tweak this set even more into the series,to be honest...



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Thanks everyone!

Moving on to the next team now... the losing side of the 2016/17 Finals,the LeBron Jamerm... Cleveland Cavaliers. 

I didn't drastically redesign the two uniforms we already know about: 

- "Cavaliers" instead of "Cavs" for the white uni

- Removed the bevel in the wordmarks and added a drop shadow - to the numbers as well - to make them pop a little more.

- Inverted the colours of the numbers on the claret uni,so they're gold with a navy outline/shadow

- Bye bye silly swooshes - the shorts were completely redesigned with side panels imitating the tip of a sword; and also designed to kind of echo the trim on the back of the jerseys,not going to lie!

As for the other two... they're two different fauxbacks. Yellow one is the "Community" alt,black one is the "Athlete's Mindset" alt.






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