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NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Corinthians added, Series Complete!


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For my big comeback, I'm going to start off a new series of football concepts by creating a full-size fantasy league. Due to technical errors, I don't have actual uniforms to show you right off the bat, but I do have a league logo and a team list. To make up for this, I should be able to bring you two teams sometime tomorrow to start us off. 




NFL Latinia was created by the NFL in 20XX in another attempt to popularize American football in international markets. Whereas NFL Europa was more of a development league, NFLL is for all intents and purposes an extension of the league proper, its teams playing on the same level as their USAmerican counterparts. 


Team List (Finished teams will have an x by their name. Names and locations subject to change.)


Conferencia Colón


México Norte

x-CA Pacifico Tijuana

x-CFA Monterrey

x-Charros de Ciudad Juarez

x-Pecarís de Leon


México Sur

x-CD Guadalajara

x-Club América (Mexico City)

x-Neptunos de Yucatán (Mérida)

x-Angeles de Puebla



x-Atlético Santo Domingo

x-Les Perles des Antilles (Port-au-Prince)

x-Diablos Rojos de la Habana

x-San Juan Stars



x-CFA Naciónal Guatemala

x-Tomenta de Tegucigalpa

x-Guardabarrancos de Managua

x-Vulcanes de San Salvador


Conferencia Bolivar


Sudamerica Norte

x-Reyes de Lima

x-CFA Continental Bogotá

x-Sol de Medellín

x-Ecuatoriales de Guayaquil


Sudamerica Sur

x-CD Internaciónal Buenos Aires

x-Querubines de Santiago

x-Caballeros de Montevideo

x-Gallitos de Asunción


Brasil Norte

x-Sport Recife

x-Guardiões de Fortaleza

x-Baleias da Bahia (Salvador)

x-CFA Manaus


Brasil Sul

x-SC Corinthians Paulista (São Paulo)

x-Fluminense FC (Rio de Janeiro)

x-Diplomatas de Brasília

x-Capitães de Porto Alegre


And here's a map with the locations of the teams.



I'll do one division at a time, same as the NFL project. Pacifico and Pecarís will come first.

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The city has recently become a popular tourist destination and is considered one of Mexico's fastest growing cities, but when most hear of T. J., they only think of squatters, drug cartels, and human trafficking. Pacifico's image is meant to dispel that stereotype, and highlight one of the city's positive points, being a prime vacation spot on the Pacific coast. It's color scheme and dynamic design is also meant to attract fans from the San Diego area who are looking for a home team to root for since they no longer have the Chargers.








Green is a color well associated with León. It's on their flag, and the city's soccer team, Club León, wear it too. Their mascot is the peccary (pecarí in Spanish,) a pig-like mammal native to most of Latin America.


That's about it. Feedback appreciated. Monterrey is next.

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Will be following. Digging Pacifica especially so far. The back legs on the back of the peccary don't look quite right. Also, the spelling is off for the league; should be "Liga Latina."

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2 hours ago, Whittier S said:

Will be following. Digging Pacifica especially so far. The back legs on the back of the peccary don't look quite right. Also, the spelling is off for the league; should be "Liga Latina."


I thought 'Latina' referred to a person from that area. 'Latinia' was a name I came up with to refer to the region itself because 'Latin America' and 'Latinoamerica' were too long. 

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Monterrey, capital of Nuevo León, is one of Mexico's largest and wealthiest cities. It is located among the eastern foothills of the Sierra Madre, which is what inspired its simple logo and unique, earthy color scheme. The green pants can be worn with the brown jersey if desired.


Let me hear your thoughts. Charros are next.

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On 8/31/2017 at 5:32 PM, BigRed618 said:


I thought 'Latina' referred to a person from that area. 'Latinia' was a name I came up with to refer to the region itself because 'Latin America' and 'Latinoamerica' were too long. 


It's just like in English--"American" can refer to a person, "an American," or a thing, "American cars," same with "Chinese," "European," what have you. I won't get into the nitty-gritty of the grammar in Spanish, but just trust me, you want to say "La Liga Latina"

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Alright, I'll fix it when I get the time. 






'Charro' is the Spanish word for horseman, rider, or cowboy. I thought a western look would go good since the team would also serve El Paso, Texas, which is across the border from Juarez. This look is meant to appeal to fans from both sides of the Rio Grande, similar to how Pacifico Tijuana was designed to attract fans from San Diego. Feedback appreciated. Guadalajara is next.


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Just like in my MLB series, the Goats throw their sombrero into the ring with their own gridiron team. Their home jerseys feature their trademark stripe pattern, which they would opt to wear in as many games as they can, like how the Cowboys wear their white jerseys. They do have a white "road" uniform, in case they're up against an opponent whose uniforms would clash with theirs.


The traditional badge is their primary, but I created a new logo for their football helmets. I thought it would look better than using the badge again.


C&C appreciated. Club América, CDG's eternal rival, is next!

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I decided to get a little schwifty with my Aguílas. For the helmet, it would've been easy to put a wing on the helmet and call it a day. I imagine with the different color schemes nobody would've complained that I was ripping off the Philadelphia Eagles. But instead, I decided to rip off the USFL's Michigan Panthers instead, and to a lesser extent, the Seahawks.


The jerseys and pants are based on the soccer team's current jerseys...



And then I made a special fauxback uniform, A blue and cream getup featuring the Aguílas' first badge from 1916.


Angeles are next. Comments appreciated.

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The past week was a bit hectic, so I did something simple for the Angels. One element of note is the color scheme, which I've seen a lot in soccer but never in football. I was going to make them just maroon and gold, but I decided to add the light blue later on. There is also  the helmet logo, a wing I drew up myself, one that is different from Philly's winged helmets. I tend to keep the American teams in mind when designing the Latin teams, avoiding similar nicknames and logos. The wing was going to have the word "Angeles" on it, but it would've been tricky shaping the word right on both sides of the helmet. Ultimately I decided a simple, symmetrical "A" would work best.


C&C appreciated. Yucatán is next.

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On 9/20/2017 at 12:29 PM, coco1997 said:

I really like the color scheme, however I can't help but notice the "A" in the wing looks like one half of the Golden Arches! Maybe if you played with the colors on the logo it wouldn't be so similar. 


One problem with that is, I want them to have powder blue helmets, and the wing is maroon because that's their primary color, so the A pretty much needs to be gold. I can see a resemblance to the McD's logo, but not enough to be concerned about, I would think.







In case you're wondering, Los Neptunos would play in Mérida, capital and largest city in Yucatán, not Cancún, although they pretty much represent the whole peninsula anyway.


At first I wanted to make them teal and orange, like the Dolphins, but later on I figured I could do something better. I changed the colors to teal, turquoise, and yellow. The logo was drawn by me. The helmet is a version of the Michigan wing style, with the wings transformed to resemble a crown.


That takes care of all the Mexican teams! Feedback appreciated, Santo Domingo is next.

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Santo Domingo is the largest metropolitan area in the Carribean and is famous for being the first European settlement established in the Western Hemisphere, founded in the late 1400s by Christopher Columbus' brother, Bartholomew. Atlético's identity honors Columbus by use of the cross pattée as its main emblem. This cross was used in the captain's ensign on the Santa Maria, and was allegedly shown on the ship's sails. 


Feedback appreciated. Les Perles are next.

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