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This might sound a little rude, but while the design is good, the execution is really sloppy. The shoulder patches should be half cut-off at the top of the yoke. Right now, with the way you have it, there would be two shoulder patches on each side. The collar is asymmetric, and you can see the bottom of the original collar under it. The inside of the collar should be orange, like the yoke. You should add a backside of the jersey or cut it out, like @habsfan1 suggested. There aren't any sleeve numbers either, and no template lines. The logo also could be a tiny bit higher. One last note, don't say how long it took you to make it in your post, or 'just a concept I made'. explain why you chose the striping or why you chose the logos, just something to give us more of an idea. This is definitely the best jersey you've made design-wise, and I really like the recolored main logo, but the execution needs improvement. Sorry if that sounded rude, I'm just trying to help you improve.

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