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NBB by Nike 16/17 Season - Bauru Added


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This is mysecond take on a series I started two years ago that ended very briefly

The NBB, or Novo Basquete Brasil (New Basketball Brazil on a free traslation) is the major brazilian basketball league. Founded on 2009, the league is entering it's 10th edition on 2016/17, the third one under a fairly recent NBA partnership. With that in mind and as a brazilian and a huge basketball fan myself I decided to go a little further and imagine this partnership reaching uniform supply as well, fitting nike for the league, since the swoosh brand is taking on the american league itself this season.



A brief history of the NBB:

Founded on 2009 following the last Brazilian basketball championship organized by the CBB (the Brazilian equivalent of USA Basketball Association) the NBB showed some success on it's first season, featuring Flamengo from Rio de Janeiro as it's first champion, on a final against Brasilia. Runners-up at NBB1, Brasilia went on to win the title for 3 consecutive years, on NBB 2 they got their revenge against Flamengo, followed by wins against Franca (NBB 3) and São José (NBB 4). Following the downfall of Brasilia, Flamengo managed to win the following 4 titles, against Uberlândia (NBB 5), Paulistano (NBB 6) and Bauru (NBB 7 and NBB8), thus becoming the team with most titles, with Bauru finally winning the title on their third final, beating Paulistano (NBB9). NBB clubs have got themselves great results on international basketball, most notably on the past 5 years: Pinheiros went on to win the Liga das Americas (LDA) and lost to Olympiakos on the FIBA Intercontinental Cup (FIBA's highest level club competition) on 2013, just like Bauru did, losing to Real Madrid on 2015. In 2014 Flamengo won the LDA and went on to beat EuroLeague champions Maccabi Tel Aviv to become world champions, the second Brazilian club to do so, alongside Sírio on 1979.


The NBB relation with the NBA on court:

5 players that have played on the NBA went on to play on the NBB, the most notable two were Leandro Barbosa (former NBA Champion with GSW and NBA sixth man of the year with the Suns) and Walter Hermann, Olympic gold medalist with Argentina. The list also includes Alex Garcia, Marquinhos and Rafael "Bábby". Currently three former NBB young players do play on the NBA: Bruno Caboclo (Toronto Raptors), Cristiano Felício (Chicago Bulls) and Raul Neto (Utah Jazz), as well as George de Paula who is training with the Rockets this summer. Following the success of the new brazilian league it was a matter of time for it to call NBA's attention, and it happened in 2014, when Flamengo became the first ever Latin American team to play on the NBA preseason and to play on American soil, facing the Suns, Magic and Grizzlies. The following year, even bigger interaction, as Bauru went to visit the Knicks and Wizards, and Flamengo hosted the Orlando Magic for the NBA Global Games Rio de Janeiro third edition, the first featuring a local club.

The project:

My project is simple, it consists on making new uniforms for all the 15 NBB teams, and maybe teams from lower leagues and teams from the past will be up next. The rules are the following:
- Every team must have four uniforms (Association, Icon, Athletes Mindset and Community)
- Some selected teams will also receive a throwback uniform adapted to the current template
- All uniforms will follow the new nike templates for the NBA, adapted to the NBB, this includes the use of only one sponsor on the uniforms, positioned such as in the NBA
- All teams will have at least one training uniform made, following the new NBA template
- All kits must contain the nike swoosh on both the front of the shirt and the left side of the shorts and the NBB logo on the back
- I will set some Pantone colors for the teams in order to maintain or create a proper identity and keep them unique

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Starting off this series with a big one: Bauru. Current champions of the NBB, they also recently won both the Liga de las Americas (Latin America's Euroleague) and Liga Sudamericana, the two FIBA South/Latin America tournments. Also losing to Real Madrid in the Intercontinental Cup by point difference in 2015, after a win on the first game and a loss at the second.

Here is the colors I went with as theirs, adding black after some special kits they wore on game 4 of last year finals and bringing back blue, their old main color, on this dark shade they used when they won the Liga de las Americas in 2014:

Home Association Uniform: Pretty basic stuff, used green as the main secondary color as it should be, but tried to mix some orange as well. Dragon scales on the side panels.

Road Icon Uniform: Still simple stuff, almost reverse colors of the previous one, but using more orange.

Alternate Athletes Mindset Uniform: Based on some special uniforms they used on the finals last year, I went with an all black look and got the dragon scales on the whole body instead of just the side panels.

Community Uniform: For this one I went with a cleaner take on the uniforms they used when they won the 2014 Liga de las Americas. I just love that color combination.

Here is what they wore on that competition as a reference:




For the throwback I used this two colors:

And this are the uniforms, based on the 2002 uniforms (they was still named Tilibra/Copimax) in wich they won their only brazilian championship untill this year:

2002 uniforms as a reference:



And last but not least the training uniforms:

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