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Juice Stop Rebrand Concept


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Just started at Juice stop, a Lincoln/Omaha chain that sells fantastic not-from-concentrate juice smoothies. Anyways, the branding featured on the cups, windows, employee shirts, etc. seems a little bit inconsistent. So I decided to try and make a "modernization" of it while keeping the same general elements to test my abilities. I know this isn't quite top-level material, but I'd still appreciate if you logo and design buffs on the board gave me some pointers.  C&C is greatly encouraged- as I still need to do a lot of improving in this area.


Previous Logo(s) [I've found both versions, though the cups and shirts feature the version on the left]:

logo_plus.png Juice%20Stop%20logo_full.jpeg


Concept New Logo:


I tried to keep the same sort of "shield" or "home plate" shape as the base, but changed the (blue/purple + green) double outline to a single deep purple one. I translated the bars from the top row to the bottom, in line with the bottom text. I created a custom logotype for "Juice" that i'm pretty happy with, and "Stop" is in your basic block with little triangular caps on the end to kind of give it a place. I attempted to keep the same basic color palette, but to mellow out the colors a little (i think i may have dulled them too much) I liked the sun element from the original, so I kept it on top of the logo but put it on the white to give it more stature. With the rays I was attempting to go for a fruit slice negative image, with the waves at the bottom of the sun being the juice flowing out, although i could've executed that better, as it's not really visible here.


So that's what I put into this - What you got for me?

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