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Sports TV Theme Songs.


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During some internet trawling a few hours before I made this post, I ended up finding this below.


Edd Kalehoff's 'Knock Wood' sports theme.


Some of you may be wondering what it is. Well, it's a song that was the 1991 Labatt Blue Jays Baseball on TSN theme. It was created by Edd Kalehoff, who is also famous for making the 'ABC Monday Night Football(Heavy Stuff) theme, as well as assorted tracks for 'The Price Is Right' game show.


For me, this song was Nintendo Hard to find for a LONG time. I actually thought it wasn't even online. But I did, and figured I'd share the link here.


Which also makes me wonder what other sports themes you guys here are up there fort the best one ever made?


In any event, I consider THIS sports TV theme song itch finally scratched off my body.



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