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Vegas Bats - Baseball Concept


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17 hours ago, P.I.L.L. said:

1) NHL is now in Vegas!   MLB will be expanding there sooner than later... according to news sources, it's already brewing.


Vegas Bats!  


2) Potential Virginia team: ( Hampton Roads / Norfolk or Richmond, VA) 


Virginia Bats!


041215 vegas bats


Just doesn't scream MLB to me. Looks like something an independent league team would wear.

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I like the general layout and concept, but it needs some fine-tuning. Chrome effects don't make sense for cap stitching. I'd ditch that fine light-green outline around the baseball bats. It's not really clear that there are claws around the bats; it looks more like fabric wrapped around them. I'd also ditch the baseball at the bottom; it's too small and unnecessary.

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P.I.L.L. and Professor Matt Battison working on this project:


Professor:  Ok P.I.L.L., your logo is looking pretty good.  But you know what, add a picture of the bat's head to your logo.


P.I.L.L.:  Ok.  *adds bat head*  Bat is on.


Professor:  Yeah?


P.I.L.L: What?


Professor:  Did you call me?


P.I.L.L.: What?  No.  Bat is on the logo.


Professor:  Are you calling me a logo?  Is that some kind of insult?

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