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I apologize in advance for this super long first post here. This is by far the most lengthy and intensive project I've done yet.





USSL History: The US Super League was founded in 1970 at the peak of American soccer popularity. Many leagues were expanding rapidly, and the US wanted to make a Champions League type competition to compete with the European soccer market. They founded the Super League with six leagues from Texas area, California area, Florida, New York area, New England, and the Midwest. Many teams started to assert dominance in the League, and it almost became too one-sided. In 1976, more leagues started to join to increase competition and eventually by the late 80’s, every league in America was admitted to join the US Super League. In modern day competition, 64 teams face off in a group-based format. The field narrows down to 32 as the remaining teams face another group stage. The knockout stage starts when the field hits 16, and it eventually whittles down to a final 2. Dallas Rangers hold the most victories with 7 followed by Brooklyn Wanderers who have 6 and Atletico Santa Monica who have 5. The 2016-2017 champions was the Californian club Saint Joseph who earned their 3rd title.




(7) Floridian Premier League: Florida


(4) Southeastern Soccer League: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky


(3) Carolina Premier League: South Carolina, North Carolina


(4) Potomac Premier League: West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Delaware


(5) Metropolitan Soccer Association: New Jersey, New York


(4) Pennsylvania Soccer League: Pennsylvania


(5) New England Soccer League: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine


(6) Midwestern Soccer League: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota


(7) Texan Premier League: Texas, Oklahoma


(4) Four Corners Soccer League: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah


(1) Yellowstone Premier League: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho


(8) California Soccer League: California, Nevada


(4) Cascadia Premier League: Washington, Oregon


(1) Alaskan Soccer Federation: Alaska


(1) Hawaiian Premier Soccer League: Hawaii


*- the number in parentheses is the number of teams the league has admitted





Atletico Santa Monica

Austin Republic

SC Bakersfield

Beacon Hill Union

Brooklyn Wanderers

Buena Vista United

Capitol Hill SC

Charleston Arsenal

Chesapeake Bay Athletic

Columbus Rovers

Commonwealth United

Crescent City SC

Dallas Rangers SC

Dallas Sporting Club

Daytona Racing Club

Deportivo Miami

Dorchester City SC

East Harlem SC
El Paso Mission

Fort Pitt United

Hartford City SC

Houston Independence

Hyde Park SC
Islanders SC
Kailua Bay SC
Kansas City SC

Knoxville United

Las Vegas SC 1905

Lauderdale Athletic Club

Lincoln SC
Lubbock SC
Manhattan Calcio

Merrimack United

Niagara United

North Star United

Oakland SC

Ocala Riders SC
Oklahoma City Athletic

Olympique Detroit

Pacifica SC

Peaks United SC

Pittsburgh Ironworks SC
Princeton Academical SC
Providence SC
Puget Sound SC
Racing Club Charlotte

Riverside United SC
Rockies SC
Rose City SC

Royal Baltimore SC

Sacramento Republic SC

Saint Joseph SC
Salt Lake United

Scranton City SC
South Philadelphia SC
Sporting Phoenix

St. Johns Brigade

Summerhill SC

SV Milwaukee

Tacoma SC

Triangle Sport Club

Venice Beach SC
Vulcans SC
Willis United



With all that said, here's the first (of 64) team!



Atletico Santa Monica

“The Black and Yellows”

Los Angeles, CA

League: California Soccer League

Kits: Adidas

Colors: Black and Yellow

Sponsor: Hulu

Year Founded: 1932

USSL Titles: 5

League Finish: 2




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3 hours ago, Magic Dynasty said:

You're back! When you dropped the "US Super League" bomb in the FPL thread I was hoping that you would do that eventually do this, and here you are! Will the Floridian teams change kits or even logos in this, or will you keep them the same?

They logos will stay the same but since it's a new year, they have different kits. Glad you're looking forward to this too.

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27 minutes ago, Cardsblues02 said:

I have a few questions.


Is this going to become a fantasy league? Will you be simulating seasons or just showing off design.


How many logos and jerseys will you be posting per day?


Great job so far, can't wait for the next one!!

1) There will be a simulation of the groups and knockout round games

2) I'll try to post from 1 to 2 a day

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These are incredible and it's gonna blow what I'm working on out of the water. Critiques:

Atletico SM: The white on "Atletico" is a little tough to read, probably worse from a difference. You could try a thin black stroke to make it pop more

Austin: Great use of the slash from the logo on the jersey

Bakersfield: That font is incredible, where does the lion come from too?

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For those of you who followed my Floridian Premier League project, you should recognize this one.


Buena Vista United

“The Magic”

Orlando, FL

League: Floridian Premier League

Kits: New Balance

Colors: Blue and White

Sponsor: Walt Disney World

Year Founded: 1990

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 6


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