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Pacifica with Austin as runners up


Willis and Harlem as runners up 


Santa Monica with Charlotte as runners up 


Lubbock with Scranton as runners up 

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18 minutes ago, Section30 said:

I hope I'm not too late

Group A: Oakland, Pacifica

Group B: East Harlem, Dallas

Group C: Santa Monica, El Paso

Group D: Lincoln, Lubbock

Made it just in time!


Here's the A-D results


Group A



Group B

Group B had the biggest shock of the tournament as 7-time champion Dallas Rangers finished last in their group!


Group C

That last minute vote from @Section30 pushed Santa Monica into 2nd place, advancing them to the Round of 16!


Group D


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Sacramento with Daytona as runners up


Venice Beach with Salt Lake as runners-up 


Pittsburgh with Brooklyn as runners up 


Miami with Fort Pitt as runners-up 

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Group E (Group of Death): Sacramento Republic (Runner-Up: Royal Baltimore)


Group F: Venice Beach SC (Runner-Up: Dallas Sporting)


Group G: Brooklyn Wanderers (Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Ironworks)


Group H: Olympique Detroit (Runner-Up: Deportivo Miami)

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