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Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season


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16 hours ago, Still MIGHTY said:


Oh boy

Nashville used to do it. They had free Hockey 101 classes to go over the basics, for the first few seasons. It's a courtesy to the people just getting into the sport. Especially when hockey is the first major sport in a market, you draw people unfamiliar with the game.

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Predictions anyone?




1. Tampa Bay

2. Montreal

3. Toronto

4. Buffalo

5. Ottawa 

6. Boston

7. Florida

8. Detroit



1. Pittsburgh

2. Washington

3. Columbus

4. Carolina- WC

5. NY Rangers- WC

6. Philadelphia 

7. NY Islanders

8. New Jersey




1. Dallas

2. Nashville

3. Minnesota

4. St. Louis- WC

5. Chicago

6. Winnipeg

7. Colorado



1. Edmonton

2. Anaheim

3. San Jose

4. Calgary- WC

5. Los Angeles

6. Arizona

7. Vancouver

8. Vegas



Pittsburgh d. Carolina 4-1

Tampa Bay d. NY Rangers 4-2

Montreal d. Toronto 4-2

Columbus d. Washington 4-3


Dallas d. St. Louis 4-2

Edmonton d. Calgary 4-2

Anaheim d. San Jose 4-3

Nashville d. Minnesota 4-3


Pittsburgh d. Columbus 4-2

Tampa Bay d. Montreal 4-2


Dallas d. Nashville 4-2

Edmonton d. Anaheim 4-3


Tampa Bay d. Pittsburgh 4-3


Dallas d. Edmonton 4-2


Stanley Cup Finals AKA Ben Bishop Bowl

Dallas d. Tampa Bay 4-2




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Here's A Buncha Random Hockey Thoughts:


- I think people are underestimating the fall Washington is about to have.

- The Blue Jackets have center depth issues right now and won't sneak up on teams like they did last year, but their defense makes them a tough team to play against. Won't come close to last season's 108 points, but should they make the playoffs they'll be better equipped to handle it. They're a bubble group. 

- watch out for the Hurricanes. 

- I keep trying to talk myself into the Sabres, but I don't see it this year. 

- The Penguins bottom six is bad and they'll still win the metro by a few games. 

- The Avs will be worse than the Knights.

- :censored: Ryan Lambert, :censored: Dave Lozo, I don't care what Greg Wyshinski ends up doing after puckdaddy. I do like that The Athletic has had really good coverage of my favorite team and the Columbus Dispatch replaced them with some pretty good writers in their own right. That's all I care about. I'm quite excited about it moving forward. We'll be like some other actual hockey cities now with multiple outlets covering the beat. 

- Do any of you know about any hockey podcasts that don't suck? 

- PDO is a bad stat. 

- I'm going to the Blue Jackets opening night game tomorrow and I realized this is the first time I've been to one of their openers since October 7, 2000 so that's sort of cool in a way that only I care about.


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I'm enjoying the 180 that fans of the Ducks and other teams have done on Randy Carlyle. There was so much hate when he was brought back, especially here, but I think he proved that he can evolve his coaching style and improve a team, and was only one bad Bernier performance from reaching the Finals. I'm looking forward to another season of Randypuck and all the joys it brings!

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4 hours ago, McCarthy said:

- I think people are underestimating the fall Washington is about to have.

IMO the Caps could go one of two ways this year.  Either, as you predict, they'll fall off a cliff and be force to shamefully walk into a rebuild with some albatross contracts, including 2 signed this summer (1 for a forward who is over 30), or they'll hang around the playoff picture, sneak into a WC and have everyone forget about them, get through the 1st round again, get people talking about them again, get articles written about "Is this the Caps' year?" again, and then lose to the Pens in the 2nd round again.

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27 minutes ago, the admiral said:

It's early and the Hawks are feasting on a depleted opponent but Kane has already dummied the Penguins twice in eight minutes. I don't understand why this wasn't the national game and Blues-Penguins was.


Penguins fans tonight:



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