Buffalo Bills Logo Concept

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In terms of a Lions-esque update, I'm in favor. Keep the overall shape the same, but add definition inside of it.


Honestly, as a lifelong Bills fan, until a few years ago I had no idea that the white area to the right of the red streak was a horn and eye.


As Cosmic mentioned before me, the front legs seem like he's been hitting leg day pretty hard (maybe with some PED help as well). Almost comes off as lobster claw-like to me.


I also don't feel good about the lightning bolt shape on the backside of it going against the motion of the bison. Bisons have a furry front side that ends past their front legs. Maybe if you could use that as a definition area instead of the back it would add something special to it.


Overall, I like the direction. A simple, yet modern update to (what I consider to be) a classic logo. Keep working on it, and Go Bills!

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