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Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)


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After doing individual logo series for both the Knicks and the Bulls, I decided to try and revamp the entire logo schemes for every team, featuring both a primary and an alternate or partial. I started off with the Central Division of the Eastern Conference:


Milwaukee Bucks: The primary logo sees major changes to its overall structure, while keeping the same style and colors as the new scheme. First off, the deer's head is widened for a fiercer look. Additionally, I flattened out the bottom of the logo's base for smoother application on things like shorts and a better look overall. Additionally, on the primary, I reverted back to the long used style instead of the roundel they currently use. This features the newer text along with the Milwaukee city skyline. I think this offers up a more unique look.


Chicago Bulls: This is nearly the same logo I used for my Chicago Bulls concept, just given a shorter nose and larger snout and minor refinements. The primary is similar in style to their current logo but it features a new font.


Cleveland Cavaliers: I am not a fan of the new logo style whatsoever, but I do love the new font. Thus, I took advantage of that and used it for the primary logo and alternate. The two swords in the primary are familiar, but the blue (now black) has been cut out from the scheme entirely, leaving the classic crimson and gold. The alternate is a play on the current "C" logo they use, but featuring the new C for uniformity purposes. Now the logo combos actually look like they were made at the same time.


Detroit Pistons: I love the current brand new Pistons primary logo, so I left it mostly in tact with only minor alterations to the color scheme featuring a brighter blue. I also added a border around the text to allow the name and city to pop more. The alternate is new, featuring the "D" comprising the hole of the "P" without being too overt like the previous logo of this style. I also added three wings in the spirit of the Detroit automotive logo history and to represent the 3 championships the pistons have won.


Indiana Pacers: The Pacers basic logo has gone virtually untouched over the past 30 years or so. I updated the primary font and the logo, featuring a much more uniform 5 skid stripes extending from the ball and a new brighter color scheme. The alternate/partial features a checkered-style ball in line with the name, but I cut out the middle line for uniformity purposes.


Let me know what you think. Next up will be the Atlantic Division


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Boston Celtics: The primary is an updated version of the silhouetted logo made in 2014. It gives a crisper look in my mind than the goofier old colored look. The alternate is a clover featuring the abbreviation of Boston on it showing the luck and pride of the city.


Brooklyn Nets: I was never really a fan of the Nets shield and the Brooklyn word mark looked out of place on it. Instead, I incorporated it into the roundel, removing "New York" from it to not associate with another team, and replacing it with Nets. I think it looks considerably more classy. For the alternate, I looked back to the team's glory days of the early 2000s with the ring circling around the ball. I gave that logo a modern twist, having the team name on the ring circling a basketball.


New York Knicks: I made a previous concept featuring this roundel, which should deviate plenty from the recent lack of success featuring their 3D logo. It gives the Knicks a more old time vibe and a new appearance for a new age. The alternate takes elements from the old apple logo used in the 70s and 80s along with the subway token logo used in the 00s.


Philadelphia 76ers: I simplified the primary to just the 76ers portion of the logo, just like the old days. The alternate logo features a 76er branded liberty bell, symbolizing the pride of the city, which is not featured in the primary logo as much.


Toronto Raptors: I despise the Raptors current branding. I returned the color scheme back to red and purple, created a new claw logo featuring the maple leaf, which harkens back to the claw logo the raptors used before. I also updated the font to the same font used in the Raptors' "We the North" campaign, which I think is much more "wild" than the current bland font that does not invoke anything related to the team name or city.


Up next: Southeast Division


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The only one I really disagree with is the Celtics. (I'm definitely biased but) I think their look is a classic and the only changes it should ever see are slight updates at most.


The other ones are good though; the Nets alt seems like a good idea although it's a bit blurry, the Sixers alt is great, Knicks primary and secondary are fantastic, and I love what you did with the Raptors.

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Southwest Division:

Atlanta Hawks: I know this one isn't terribly drastic, mainly since I love the pac-man hawk as is. I simply added yellow and stylized the logo similar to that of their logo from the 70s and 80s, with the font under it.


Charlotte Hornets: I utilized the Hugo Hornet logo that the team very much underutilizes at this point, stylizing the primary logo in a way similar to that of the former Hornets (now the Pelicans). However, I gave the text a minor update (thinning it) and made the text angular rather than curved to reflect the honeycomb design scheme. The alternate is an adapted version of their Queen City alternate right now, but features small adjustments to simplify it (noticeably removing the weirdly placed crown).


Miami Heat: I changed nearly all of the colors of the Miami Heat color scheme, removing black entirely from the primary, adjusting to a darker red, and replacing the yellow with a smoother shade of orange. Silver was also added as an accent. The logo looks considerably less dated with the black removed. The alternate I created is all-new, featuring the flaming ball from a head-on perspective and the MH angularly adjusted.


Orlando Magic: This logo is all-new. It features a magicians hands coming out of a much more modern medieval font, better suited for a team named the Magic than the bland font they currently use. The alternate features the ball from the logo, but features a ring of stars, creating an O shape around the ball.


Washington Wizards: I loved their current logos (especially the magic wand/washington monument logo) except for the roundel as a primary. I adjusted the blue, making it a bit brighter and patriotic, reorganized the text to reflect similarly to the Bullets era. The alternate is a holdover, with exception to the color scheme.


Eastern Conference complete. Western Conference up next!


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Northwest Division:


Denver Nuggets: The entire Nuggets set is a complete mixed bag. There are three different fonts in use and multiple color schemes and styles. I simplified this down to using an updated version of the Nuggets' older font and an updated skyline primary logo. The baby blue is now an accent with navy and yellow taking the forefront. For the alternate, I simply reorganized the colors and removed the circle background.


Minnesota Timberwolves: While I love the Timberwolves new set, I felt the need to brighten the colors, removing gray completely from the color palette and updating the blue to be brighter than before. I also added trees to the background primary logo. The colors were simply updated for the alternate.


Oklahoma City Thunder: The Thunder set is a bland mess right now. I updated the colors to be a bit darker, created an all-new primary reflecting the style but not the exact font of the Statement jersey in a silhouetted Oklahoma outline. The alternate is truly not my best work, but I created a simple lightning bolt design over a basketball, although a design like that could be cliche. It's more of a placeholder.


Portland Trail Blazers: Not to interfere with an iconic logo, I updated the font slightly, italicizing it and adding a red outline.


Utah Jazz: Another classic design, in which all I updated were the colors. I reintroduced purple (the same color of purple from the 90s Jazz logo) into the scheme and made green solely a tertiary color.



Next up: Pacific Division!


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Pacific Division:


Golden State Warriors: As one of my favorite logos in the league, this logo only gets minor updates. The shade of yellow is more of a "gold" to reflect the name. Additionally, for the primary, I updated the main portion to the same as their much better alternate. The alternate this time is the same California logo they use, but with the updated gold.


LA Clippers: Taking inspiration from the Agua Caliente Clippers G-League logo, I updated the Clippers primary significantly to create a much more aesthetically pleasing and oceanic-related logo than currently presented. The new inspired alternate is a simple updated version of the partial they currently use.


LA Lakers: For the much dated primary, I removed the unnecessary streak lines. I smoothened out the edges of the "Lakers" font and changed the lines on the basketball to make it more modern. The iconic hollywood palm tree laden streets and establishment date are added on the bottom to utilize the empty space found in the current logo. The alternate takes a page from the other most popular LA teams (that of which being the Dodgers and Kings) with a simple yet pleasing "LA" style logo.


Phoenix Suns: The black is removed completely from the color scheme. A revised font from the new Nike uniforms is added, the ugly box is removed. What results is a much more pleasing and warm logo.


Sacramento Kings: While I think the Kings logo upgrade was arguably the best in recent memory, I was upset with the demotion of black in the color scheme. Thus, I elected to re-add it to both the primary and alternate in a significant way. Otherwise, these logos were perfect as is.


Finally, the Southwest Division will close this series off.



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To close this series off, the Southwest Division:


Dallas Mavericks: With the Dirk era coming to an end, I refreshed the Mavs logo by bringing back the cowboy hat and refreshing the font. I brightened up the color, bringing back green into the mix and ditching the navy blue.


Houston Rockets: In similar style to the ABA's San Diego Rockets, I gave the Rockets logo a full redesign based on that. I updated the font, colors, and overall style, giving the Rockets a new look that is much more complex and aesthetically pleasing than before.


Memphis Grizzlies: I redesigned the bear portion of the logo, basing the look on the much more detailed older grizzly bear from the Vancouver days. I also gave yellow a much more prominent role in the logo color scheme. The alternate logo features the Tennessee state flag incorporated into the silhouette of the bear head to fit in with that of the other two Tennessee teams, finally giving the team a connection to the state.


New Orleans Pelicans: I didn't want to redesign the pleasing Pelicans logo overall, so I simply developed a new color scheme off of the Mardi Gras colors. The Fleur de Lis alternate receives only minor edits since it's arguably one of my favorite in the entire league.


San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs colors are updated slightly, making white and black the most prominent on the spur itself. While the new font is kept constant, I upgraded the design by placing it on a silhouette of the Alamo, giving it more relation to the city than the bland logo that came recently.


I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I did!


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