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Who looks better than ever?


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I was pondering this question recently . . . Which teams are wearing the best uniforms they've ever worn?  I'm a fan of classic uniforms, but I'm a bigger fan of high quality design.  I'd hope that when new uniforms get released they're accomplishing the goal of improving on what they had before, but so often I find myself thinking "downgrade" or "just go back to ______".  


What teams are currently wearing uniforms that are actually superior to all their previous iterations?  


I've had a very hard time coming up with any candidates outside of a handful obvious classics, so I'm going to go with a fairly odd one.  The Milwaukee Bucks.  They've had some pretty garish unis in their history and while their new look took me a little while to get used to, I think they're the best they've ever had.  Professional and clean, but also original.  




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4 hours ago, BJ Sands said:

Dallas Stars

Florida Panthers

St. Louis Blues

Vegas Golden Knights :)

Boston Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles

New York Mets

Philadelphia 76ers

LA Clippers

Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears

Minnesota Vikings

I was gonna say the Sixers too, because their blue and white uniforms are perfection in my mind.  I just don't like the new red with the script.  That takes them out of the running as far as I'm concerned.


the Clippers, just no.


Agree with the Bears and Vikings though!

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2 hours ago, Jack Holmes said:

I also think this is the best the Marlins have ever looked:


Definitely an unpopular opinion but I love that you think this. That's my team and I appreciate the love for our look...


As for the topic, just glancing through MLB I'd say these teams look the best they've ever looked...

Blue Jays


Red Sox



Nationals (excluding Expos, their DC look only)

Rockies (virtually zero changes since their inception but every change has been an upgrade especially with the recent change in their tone of purple)


These below are close and can really only be argued because of minor details so it's almost fair to just include them or to at least just acknowledge that they're pretty close...

White Sox (the slight changes they've made over the years have been downgrades but if we compare this post-1990 look as a whole to any other look, this look is still their best one)


Phillies (I don't particularly like their look but I can't convincingly say anything in their history is better than what they have now) 






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10 hours ago, pianoknight said:

Exhibit A




I'd say Ohio State looked better with the "Cooper" stripes and Michigan looked better without the piping and with the M on the sleeves.  Having gray on the sleeves just really made Ohio State's uniform.



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