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CFL/NPB Throwback Jerseys (Revisited)


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I made a thread about this a decade ago, and since it's poor nettiqute to revive that thread, I've decided to make a new one.


I posted this in 2006:


This dawned onto my mind a while back. Why doesn't Mitchell and Ness make NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) and CFL throwback jerseys?

I understand that not many people would buy them here in America (but I would!), but it would make for a great seller in Japan and Canada.

I'd love to see a 1988 Ray Elgaard Roughriders home jersey, or maybe even a Sadaharu Oh [Yomiuri Giants] jersey from 1974. Aw, man, the possiblities are endless...


In the decade that has passed since I made that post, I've seen quite a few Nippon Pro Baseball retro jerseys sold in Japan, but CFL hasn't made much an effort to make throwback jerseys. Talk about a missed opportunity for the CFL....

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