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Houston Astros Fauxback Alt


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Hello all. This is my first attempt at a concept in quite a while and was whipped up in about 2-3 days' free time (which isn't much). However, this has been an idea kicking around in my head for a while that I feel should be an ideal, stands-out-but-still-shows-restraint take on the Houston Astros' rainbow tequila sunrise jerseys of the 1970s and 1980s. While I feel that the alternate here is much nowhere near as polished and makes perhaps the best blend of the Astros' old "cutout" star and the rainbow tequila sunrise pattern, I tried to aim for something that Houston could conceivably use, using a full star (but not beveled--even the cap logo has had that removed). Keep in mind that the number font is not the same, and I plan to do a little more refining (smoother, less pixelated star lines and so forth), but I hope you get the gist.


White Option:



Navy Option:



I've also considered cutting less of the pattern on the front, as seen here, as I'm not a fan of the stripe just beginning at the seam, but I feel that less is more with the stripe ending at the star, though my initial thought is that that cutout section referenced the original planned A logo planned with the original rainbow tequilla sunrise uniforms. I also didn't like the way they showed up on the blue uniforms, but I may take a second look at that option as well.






Anyways, I feel that there's something missing, like text or patches (which I plan to at least add), but what do you guys think? C+C is appreciated.



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I agree they look a little naked and could benefit from some sort of wordmark on the front. The big white star on the navy option doesn't really work for me. 


The first home option is the best one as it doesn't really make sense to have the rainbow stripes continue past the other side of the star. 

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I've made a few changes. Here's what's different:


1. Stuck with just the tequila sunrise rainbow ending at the star but tried keeping a navy version of the jersey just to see if any improvement could be made on it.

2. I tried using an "Astros" text somewhere, but I feel that, whether in the stripe or on top of it, it just brings too much clutter and I'm not sure what the main color of the number would be. Same with adding the number in the star. Unless it's ridiculously small, it too clutters up the look. Instead, I put a smaller front number on the right-hand side of the jersey in the stripe as that front number gives enough flourish to the jersey without overdoing it. I tried switching the front number color in both the white and navy uniforms' case just to see how they would look, though I'm not entirely sold on those. 

3. I added a navy cap option (with the corresponding hat logo changed too) to be used with the white version. I'm actually surprised at how well this turned out with the white version. Kept the orange cap option for the navy top, but these (as well as the belts and stirrups) can be swapped around as needed (something else I'll try in the future).

4. Added a sleeve patch on the left-hand side as it kinda fills in for the blank space left on the far side of the star.


Anyways, here goes, let me know what you think:









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