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NFL Throwback Thursdays


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Last year I saw a post on Uni-Watch bringing up the idea of replacing the NFL Color Rash with Throwback Thursdays.  The only issue with it is that the one-helmet rule kind of threw a wrench in some of the throwbacks, making it unfortunately unrealistic.


For this, I set myself 2 basic rules:

  1. Must use the same helmets as usual
  2. Throwbacks should be roughly from the same time period for each game (~10 years or so)

For a few teams I ended up making fauxback uniforms, one of which is right here--


So with that I have week 1 - Kansas City (1963) @ New England (1960)







I have the rest of the teams planned out, and hopefully the combos will work!


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1 hour ago, WissX said:

Now how about the packers? because for the most part the past 70 years is for the most part similar. Will you do what the packers wear for throwback normally?

Their TNF game was vs Chicago, I'm sure you can go full 30's with that, or something.

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I like the take on the patriots helmet, its not one I've seen in awhile. My only complaint is the Pats did start wearing blue until the 90s. Though it would be weird for the Pats to wear red vs the Chiefs.

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I've been working on this same project for quite some time now, except I threw out all helmet rules in mine. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to dedicate to it fully and haven't posted anything. Glad to see something like this come to life. The color rush unis in my opinion are mostly hideous and this would be ideal. It would appeal to a broad audience and I can guarantee NFL would sell jerseys like hotcakes. 


As for your work so far, great job. Love the take on the Patriots. Not a fan of the Bengals though. I know this is a classic throwback look, but it's too Cleveland Brown-ish for me. Just a personal preference. That aside, the presentation is stellar. Rams - by far the best. As for San Fran, I'd slap a logo on that helmet. Overall great stuff here.

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