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Reworking Logos (FCA Update)


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Instead of starting a new thread for a separate project, I'll go ahead and post it in this thread. First up is a redesign for the logo of Maryland Sports Access, a website created by a close friend back in 2015. Clearly it's clip art and word art  heavy and doesn't read as professional. I believe that less is more. With that in mind, I have designed a simpler logo set (images 2 and 3) for him that can hopefully distinguish the website as professional instead of amateur. While it's no amazing difference, it's a start.


Lastly, the final image are designs that personally didn't seem up to par.







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On 10/12/2017 at 9:28 PM, Zeus89725 said:

It's a good attempt, but since Maryland has such a unique flag, I like the original logo's incorporation of it. If you could squeeze the flag into your logo, it'd take it way farther than where it is right now.

Believe me, I love the Maryland flag as much as the next guy, but using the colors of the flag should be able to get the point across.


As for a new design approach I came up with this next set. I showed the close friend and he thought well enough of them to use them. Here they are:








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12 hours ago, The AFC South said:

Two things:

1) I'd recommend using a different font... such as a sans serif type or perhaps something like a block font.

2) What program did you use?

1) I've tried multiple different font, but none seemed to fit what I was going for.

2) Google Docs is my friend.

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A few more to add to the set:


I created the "MSA 2" as a parallel to ESPN2. "MSA X" or "MSA Xtra" is to dedicate a specific part of the website to interviews, photo galleries, videos, etc. The other four are for specific sports. I'm not sold on the fourth one. It's hockey and still in the design stage.



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The second rework I've done is for my current employer. The company is Farmers Cooperative Association, Inc. It is  mainly a feed manufacturer, but does sell farming supplies, fertilizer, and petroleum.


I have two sets as I couldn't decide which route to take. Keep the three lines within the letters or do without. The first image is the original followed by the redesign. Here they are:




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Slightly out of my comfort zone, but I decided on a name to work under and designed a corresponding logo. While it's very obviously a logo to start out with, the more I learn, the more of a change the logo will go through.


I present...


Brain Brew Graphics:




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