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Nhl in 2003/04


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We all know the NHL will look a lot different in 2003/04 with the new reverse jersey policy in effect.

In my opinion, this will cause several teams to alter their home duds to stand out better at home, these teams would be the Arizona Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres, Calgary Flames, Los Angeles Kings, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

I would hardly call these my creations, but mearly colour adjustments I made of next years roads to make them look like better home jerseys....


Based on reports of the head become the Arizona primary logo next season...





Home and Road changes, I only kept the horse because i cannot see them scrapping it so soon...



Oh if only they waited to change their alternate jersey from last season  :cool:




Well?  What do you think?

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I like these, but for the Flames..

They should take that red jersey (a reverse of the current black) as the home. However, make the top stripe white. If the road jersey is white, than there needs to be a little white in the dark. Also, try the C in yellow. I don't like it in white too much but it's ok. Horse on shoulders.

Then, use the current white on the road. Keep the C on it and put the horse on the shoulders.

Use the current black as an alternate. Only thing is make the top strip white again. Keep the horse head as the main on this one, andput the C on the shoulders.

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I actually got one of those.  My cousin was in Calgary on business and he got me a white Flames jersey with the horsehead logo on it.  He said he got it from a small sports store.

It's a little odd though.  It's a ProPlayer, and the ProPlayer logo is on the inside of the left sleeve.  Odd.

Honestly though, I think it looks cool.  L ove the flaming C, andwouldn't want them to change, but it looks cool.


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Rob, that MIGHT be a fake jersey.  To my knowledge and you guys can back me up, Calgary never had a jersey with the horse on the white jersey.  Although, it could provide what we may see next year!  (To sound crazy, Rob might have a time machine and can see the future in sports logos.  Is there a new Sharks 3rd in the near future?)   ???  :D
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Actually, it is possible to buy a team's jersey with no crest sewn on and buy the crest with no jersey attached to it.  If you did that, you could buy a horse-head and a white Flames sweater and put them together to get what Rob has.
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Based on the incorrect location of the ProPlayer logo, I knew something was up.

I think you are correct about that.  It'd have to have been completely blank though because it's got the C's on the sleeves.  It just sounds like a ton of work to do to sell the thing for $30 or so.


Oh wait, I do have that time machine lying around here somewhere.... Winnipeg still doesn't have a team though....

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