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American Street League

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American Street League is a street hockey league that was supposed to resemble the BIG3 basketball league. Less players, a center, two wings and a goalie. First one to 10 goals wins.

There are only 4 teams. Chicago Wind Sox, Green Bay Great Lakers, Los Angeles Californians and New York Boroughs.


Side note - I would love to see an artist on here, who has actual skill doing this unlike myself, (lol) create a Street Hockey League kinda like the BIG3 basketball league.

It seems like it would be a fun project with really creative teams and just a fun league in general.


**Some of these logos have been used on a different username of mine that I forgot the password too.




American Street League Logo.png

Chicago Wind Sox.png

Green Bay Great Lakers.png

Los Angeles Californians.png

New York Boroughs.png

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