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This has basically been a one-man quest.  Although I never truly seeked out validation, I like to think I got a measure of it last year when Mississippi State decided to dress like the Patriots for their game in Foxborough.  So, after a while on the sidelines, I'm back in the saddle, as...



Since it's been a while, here's a refresher of the basic rules I impose on myself for these things:

  • Pick X number of players, usually four.
  • The main aim is to see what said players' college unis would look like in their pro styles, and vice versa.
  • Whenever possible, only uniform styles and logos in use when the player was in college/with the NFL team in question will be used.  Every now and then, a semi-original logo must be created, or an older logo put into use, to achieve what I'm aiming for.  Same goes for number fonts in most cases.  Throwbacks are included in this rule.
  • I may occasionally forget a small detail or two.  It happens.
  • If a uniform that either predates or postdates a player's time at his school/team is sufficiently awesome enough, at my discretion I might waive rule #3, also known as the Woodson Exception (after Charles Woodson).


I figured I'd lead off with Mr. Last Second Pass to Win the National Championship.



With apologies to Metta Ron Panda, we welcome the One Tru Warier to C2P.



I know one thing.  The Browns' style was trickier than it has any right to be...kinda like the Lions' blue is rarer than it should be.



And now we close things out with the Bald One


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