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Lights Out's NCAA Football: Sun Belt

Lights Out

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B1G West





The flying W on the helmets has been replaced by the old '90s badger logo, which (IMO) looks a lot better, especially on a football helmet. The jerseys have been tweaked to avoid the Nebraska comparisons, with shadow stripes on the shoulders instead of a two-stripe pattern on the sleeves.





The Wildcats' regular homes and roads are inspired by their basketball uniforms, which feature only purple and white and look great. The fonts have been changed to match their primary logo better. For an alternate look, Northwestern gets a new take on their BFBS "Gothic" uniforms.





Iowa gets a simplified version of their Steelers-ripoff striping pattern and striping consistency.





Purdue essentially gets their mid-2000s uniforms back, albeit with more consistent striping.





Not much changes with Nebraska's classic look. The Huskers do get an all-black alternate to honor the Blackshirts.





The Golden Gophers finally get an identity that focuses on gold over maroon. They also get a striping pattern that matches their logo. Additionally, the numbers on the front, back, and sleeves of the jerseys get double outlines to match their logo.





The Illini get a whole new look built around the zig-zag striping from their old basketball uniforms. This is a Concepts forum cliché at this point, but that's for a reason: it just looks good.

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On 12/9/2017 at 9:53 AM, Lights Out said:







I may be alone in thinking this, but Arizona's current uniforms are not bad at all. However, I do think they're a couple tweaks away from perfection. I added outlines to the numbers and NOBs for the sake of readability, reintegrated white into the striping pattern, and added matching stripes to the helmets and pants. I also extended the stripes further out on the front, which serves as a subtle nod to the Arizona state flag.





This is exactly how the colors and stripes need to be for that specific uniform set. Just those simple adjustments make those jerseys beautiful!

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2 hours ago, 8BW14 said:

Why are your front and back numbers different for Nebraska? Is there some historical precedent or something, just curious?

Typically, on football jerseys, the numbers on the back are taller and more condensed than the numbers on the front. I was going for that with fonts that match the block N on the helmets.

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Notre Dame



Not much changes with the Irish, though they do get gold facemasks instead of gray, and a green alternate that echoes their basketball team's green uniforms.





Army gets a modernized version of the uniforms Doc Blanchard wore, with consistent striping and a BFBS alternate combo.





UMass gets an updated version of the uniforms they wore for their national championship in 1998.





I really like BYU's 2004 uniforms, but I also like their bright royal blue alternates - so I decided to mix the two together. For an alternate look, they get a tweaked version of their national championship-era uniforms with consistent striping.

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AAC West





Memphis gets a more classic rendition of their Bengals-inspired look. In fact, I actually repurposed an old Bengals concept I hadn't posted here for this.





The Cougars get an updated rendition of the uniforms Andre Ware wore. I brought back their old custom font from the 2000s because I like it better than their current one. The tapering effect at the bottom of the pants stripes is a subtle nod to their basketball program's Phi Slamma Jamma-era uniforms.





Navy gets a simplified full-time version of the uniforms they wore in the 2012 Army-Navy game.





SMU can't seem to decide whether they want to be a red team or a blue team. I figured that they might as well make this their schtick. I effectively gave them two different uniform sets to wear interchangeably: one primarily red, the other primarily blue. The Northwestern shoulder loops are taken from their 2012 uniforms - I always thought that was a cool, unique element that they could have owned if they had kept it in place.





I always thought Tulane made a mistake by replacing their unique mint green color with lime green, which clashes with the rest of their color scheme. I not only brought mint green back, I emphasized it in their color scheme more than ever before by having it replace powder blue. The helmet is the main attraction here - it's an updated version of their 1962 helmets to match their current logo. The rest of the uniforms are kept simple with just a tasteful tricolor striping pattern in order to avoid distracting from the helmet.





The Golden Hurricane gets a primarly golden uniform set with a simple warning flag-inspired striping pattern. The all-gold alternate combo is a nod to their early-2000s look.

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AAC East





UCF gets a very simple new look with some sword-inspired striping.





I always liked USF's early Under Armour look with the "horns" coming out of the collar, so since they're switching manufacturers, I decided to translate it to an Adidas template.





No major changes for Temple beyond a slightly different sleeve design and an inline font to match their logo.





For the Bearcats, I actually preferred the old scratch striping to the new Cincinnati Stripe. So I brought it back, and also added it to the shoulders like their old basketball uniforms.


East Carolina



If you think of a pirate, chances are, one of the first images that probably comes to mind is stripes. Lots and lots of stripes. So for ECU, I decided to just roll with it and load up their jerseys with repeating stripes in order to give them a distinctive look. They also get a unique "pirate hat" helmet as an alternate.





UConn gets a simple translation of their basketball uniforms.

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North Texas



North Texas' current uniforms are a catalog order, but they look quite nice anyway. The only major changes here are a number font that pairs well with their wordmark and the restoration of the double green color scheme they once wore.


Southern Miss



The Golden Eagles get a gold-heavy modernization of the uniforms Ray Guy wore. The alternate swaps out USM's current shade of gold for the brassier shade worn by Brett Favre.





The Blazers retain their trademark dragon-scale pattern, but get a custom number font that matches their wordmark.


Louisiana Tech



LaTech's classic look remains relatively unchanged. The powder-blue alternate is inspired by the uniform Karl Malone wore for their basketball team.





UTSA gets simple triangular striping to match the contours of their logo.





The Owls retain a simple, classic look. In order to add some visual interest, the winged helmets finally make a comeback.





UTEP's uniforms are based on their Rocky Perez-era look.

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Florida Atlantic



FAU's traditional striping pattern returns in a modernized form.


Florida International



FIU gets a striping design based on this alternate logo. This logo is also where the teal-green alternate is derived from. I figured it would be more unique than a gold jersey.





Marshall essentially gets their Randy Moss-era uniforms back, but with some tan from their primary logo mixed in.


Middle Tennessee



MTSU's striping pattern is based on the lightning bolt from their primary logo.


Western Kentucky



WKU gets a modernized version of the uniforms that Willie Taggart wore.


Old Dominion



ODU gets some crown-themed striping and a custom number font to match their wordmark.





The Niners get oversized helmet logos and tri-color striping on the jerseys to match their logo.


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MAC West





Toledo gets a modern-classic look with striping inspired by rockets in flight.


Central Michigan



The Chips get a striping pattern inspired by their iconic "Motion C" logo.


Northern Illinois



As mid-2000s dated as their Jordan Lynch-era uniforms were, I still really liked them for some reason. I decided to bring back that design and also give them a custom number font that matches their logos and wordmarks.


Western Michigan



For Western Michigan, I combined my two favorite uniform sets they've worn: their 1998-2002 uniforms and their 2003 uniforms - albeit with brown and gold emphasized over black.


Eastern Michigan



Back in the '70s, Eastern Michigan had quirky uniforms with "EMU" spelled out across the shoulders. I decided to bring that look back. The alternate is a fauxback to their old green-and-gold color scheme, complete with the helmet design they used back then.


Ball State



The Cardinals get a new look inspired by the uniforms Bonzi Wells wore for their basketball team.

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MAC East





The Zips get striping based on the notches in their "Z" logo.





The Bobcats' UCLA stripes remain, but I decided to work in some tan and black from their logo in order to give their uniforms more visual interest.





Buffalo's horned helmets return, while the jerseys and pants get curved striping to match.


Miami (Ohio)



I think Miami's current uniforms are pretty solid, so I didn't change much. All I did was get rid of the chrome accents and put the hawk-head logo on the sleeves to avoid duplication with the helmets. I also gave them a custom number font based on their wordmark.


Bowling Green



Bowling Green's look is based on one of their hockey sweater designs - with some tan added in from their logo.


Kent State



The Golden Flashes get a modernization of the uniforms that Saban wore when he played for Kent State.

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On 10/24/2017 at 9:03 AM, Lights Out said:

SEC West





Alabama gets a few tweaks to a classic look. Most notably, the number font on the jerseys has been changed to match the numbers on their iconic helmets. They also get white helmets for special occasions, a throwback to the Bear Bryant era.





Auburn gets some much-needed striping consistency, their custom number font instead of generic block, and the return of their old orange alternates for special occasions.





LSU gets some much-needed striping consistency and a gold alternate jersey. Instead of their current logo, I used the logo of the Tin Roof Brewing Company's Bayou Bengal Lager on the helmers and pants. As sad as it is that a beer brewery has a better LSU Tiger logo than the actual school has ever used in its history, it's a fact.


Texas A&M



Not much change for the Aggies other than striping consistency, the elimination of the bevel, and an updated logo that matches their font.


Mississippi State



I liked Mississippi State's old ribbon-themed uniforms, but the execution was poor - they looked too much like Texas A&M. So here's a different take on the idea. They also get a gold-trimmed alternate for the Egg Bowl.


Ole Miss



Ole Miss gets some striping and color scheme consistency, and special powder blue alternates for the Egg Bowl.





I really dislike Arkansas' current uniforms, but I'm a big fan of the set that preceded it. So I brought it back with a simplified color scheme and their current font.

LSU's only issue was the thin sliver of gold between the purple and white stripes on the pants.. Removing those 1/8" lines would've fixed everything.. Your striping pattern kinda destroys everything that makes LSU "LSU"

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MWC West


Fresno State



For Fresno, I decided to bring back their old drop-shadowed numbers and give them a unique collar design based on their "Valley" logo. The alternate is a fauxback to the uniforms worn by their 1939 team, which featured a chevron across the front - again, this has been modified to reference the "Valley" logo.


San Diego State



I personally think the Aztec calendar pattern was a genius branding move by SDSU, so I didn't change too much. All I did was modify the helmet a bit and change the number colors to bring the uniforms more in line with their basketball team's uniforms (while also making them more legible).





Unpopular opinion: I liked the new logo that UNLV briefly rolled out last June. I decided to use it on the helmets and also give them a simple sleeve striping design based on the shooting star in the logo.





The Wolf Pack get a striping design based on the lightning bolt-shaped negative space in their logo.





For the Warriors' regular set, I brought back the Timmy Chang-era uniforms. However, I did make them a bit more colorful, as they are the Rainbow Warriors. I also gave them a home and road version of their beautiful '50s throwbacks, as I liked both those and the Chang-era set too much to choose between the two.


San Jose State



The Spartans get a sleeve design inspired by both their wordmark and the San Jose SabreCats of the Arena Football League. The number font is based on their softball uniforms and matches their wordmark. Otherwise, their look is kept pretty simple.

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MWC Mountain


Boise State



Boise's uniforms are pretty much perfect, so I didn't want to make any drastic changes. The biggest change here is to the helmets - the bronco logo appears on both sides, and is filled in with blue on all of the helmets. I also introduced a silver alternate to the set.





My Wyoming concept is inspired by both their number font and their Joe Tiller-era uniforms. I have never liked their white helmets, so I replaced them with gold and brown helmets.


Colorado State



For CSU's normal look, I applied the spiral horn design from their current uniforms to the helmets, then gave them a striping pattern based on it. CSU also gets a historically-accurate throwback to the "orange-clad Aggies" of 1940.


Utah State



Utah State has had a very boring uniform history, so I didn't have much inspiration for what to do with them. I decided to just give them a basic striping design and bring back the copper that formerly appeared in their color scheme from 1996-2011.


Air Force



Back in the '90s, the Falcons wore uniforms that strongly resembled the Chargers. I decided to bring back that look, albeit in a greatly simplifed and modernized fashion. Silver has been relegated to alternate status because I really liked how their shade of blue and white looked together without a third color.


New Mexico



For the Lobos, I eliminated silver entirely and replaced it with turquoise. The striping pattern is based on their basketball team's Nike N7 uniforms from a few years ago.

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