Chicago Bulls "C" Logo Concept with Optional "CHI" Format

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I was browsing major Chicago sports logos online and noticed a trend with every team except the Bulls.


The Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks and Fire have both "object" logos and a "letter" logos, respectively.












However, the Bulls only have an object logo.



I wanted to create a letter logo for the Bulls, but it had to be attached stylistically to the current object logo. My creative focus was on the horns. The way some bull horns curl made the most sense in creating lettering. A "c" curve looked somewhat natural, so I came up with two differing types of Bulls C's.




I am still working on creating a final design that closely relates to the elements of the Bulls "object" logo, so these are by no means my final designs. I posted my designs here to gain some feedback from a community of graphic design enthusiasts and creators.


-Grayson Woods 

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I've sketched out something similar to your C logo. I don't care much for the CHI one, but I like your take on the standalone C-horn but I wonder if it might be more successful with the point at the bottom, like it was taken off of a charging bull? Something like this? Either way, I think you're onto something.



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20 hours ago, JESSEDIEBOLT said:

I'd try making a digital version more similar to your sketch. The line weight works a lot better in the sketch.


I was just about to say that. The sketch looks bolder and more professional, whereas the thin line on the digital version is, well, thin. It’s a great start and a great idea, but it could still be made a lot better.

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