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Wisconsin Muskies: A movie thought

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Hey y'all. 

After watching the movie, Semi-Pro, my mind started to think about what if someone were to make another version the film. But, with another sport.  I decided it would work best with hockey. Based around the WHA because of the merger it had with the NHL. Like with Semi-Pro, it takes place in somewhat of a smaller city. I picked Madison, Wisconsin. Due to the size of the city and how I think Wisconsin needs hockey professionally.  Only in my mind Wisconsin gets hockey. The name comes from the state fish, the Muskellunge. AKA the Muskie. They play in the Dane County Expo Center. So, I present my idea.

Wisconsin Muskies:


The logo is the former Minnesota Muskies logo edited with the outline of Wisconsin in the background. The font looks the way it does because it was done in paint so I vectorized it.




  • #3  Darin Smith  C
  • #7 James Frazier  D
  • #10 Alfonso Soto  C
  • #11 Lamar Bryan (A)  C
  • #15 Percy Cunningham  RW
  • #17  Neil Sherman  LW
  • #19 Nick Schneider C
  • #22 Donnie Lyons  C
  • #25 Israel Watson  LW
  • #27 Jared West (C)  LW
  • #31 Randall Kelly  D
  • #33 Gabe Manning  RW
  • #34 Samuel Henderson  D
  • #37 Nicolas White  D
  • #40 Austin Barton  D
  • #43 Rufus Nichols  LW
  • #44 Elijah Reid  D
  • #46 Chad Bates  G
  • #47 Dan Dennis  G
  • #52 Kristopher Williams  C
  • #54 Delbert Moreno  D
  • #55 Ed Copeland  RW
  • #58 Jamie Weaver  LW
  • #63 Doug Alvarado C
  • #0  Kerry Weber (A)  D
  • Coach Clint Manning

Here's my logo with other WHA logos from 1978.


Paramount pictures hit me up.

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Well, we already have our D-III Lakeland University Muskies.


Lakeland-University-Muskies.png   fbN67wSQ_400x400.jpg

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Nice Job on flipping a logo...



This was an ABA team in 1967-68...

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Took me back to my college days when the Madison Muskies (Let's Go Fish!) were the A's single A affiliate.

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21 hours ago, BellaSpurs said:

@chcarlson23 he kinda pointed that out.

lol didn't see that...

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