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Baseball jerseys and pants must be the same color

Jungle Jim

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I am a long-time hater of the solid-color baseball jerseys that so many teams wear as alternates today. They look like the team is either still in spring training or taking batting practice. I was browsing the Dressed To The Nines site over the weekend, and it occurred to me that it was not the solid colors that were turning me off so much, but rather the fact that the jersey and pants didn't match.

The Cleveland Indians "Bloody Mary" uniforms of 1975-78 have received a lot of criticism over the years, as have the Pirates solid yellow duds of the late 70s and early 80s. These criticisms are warranted, but honestly, I prefer these looks to the teams wearing a solid-color jersey with white or gray or any different pattern of pants, like we see today. At least there was a continuous flow from the top of the uniform to the bottom. It didn't look like someone took a baseball player dressed in white and turned him on his head and dipped him halfway into a bucket of dye or paint.

Am I proposing that teams like the Reds either wear white, gray, or solid red from head to toe? or the Cubs wear white, gray, or solid blue jerseys and pants? Well, my preference would be that they stick to white or gray, but if they must wear colors, then yes, I would rather see the same color on the jersey and pants, regardless of how garish it is. (bash away - LOL)

Until recently, I have disliked seeing football teams in same-color jerseys and pants, unless that "same-color" was white, of course. But I must say that I have done an about-face over the past year. The more I look at them, I must say that in many cases, I actually prefer the solid-color look to the colored jeresey / white pants look that has been a staple of football uniforms for decades. My reasoning is pretty much the same as it is for baseball. I can still tolerate the mixed look for football much more than for baseball, though, and the biggest problem I see with football teams is that the pants and jerseys are different materials, often making the colors of each look like different shades of the same color -- not good.

Does anyone see the batting-practice-jersey-look leaving baseball any time in the future? I certainly hope so.

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i think we should have the best of both worlds, some would look really good single color like the new bengals black uniforms (which rock by the way) and some wouldnt look that good like that (patriots all blue for example). i think that the colts should have blue pants with their home jerseys.

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