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Brisbane Capitals Basketball Branding Concept


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I've been working on a concept to take to a Local representative team in my city of Brisbane to help establish my clothing brand. I have been looking at their current logo which gives me clipart vibes so I decided to start from there and build a catalogue to approach the team in what my company could do as a full rebrand.


Any feedback would be appreciated.


Current Logo



My Arcane Rebrand Logo Options



With the logo I'm considering something stylised like this for the Brisbane City Hall variation.











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15 minutes ago, mcrosby said:

I'd like to see the tower of City Hall expand outside of the roundel. As detailed as it is it will benefit from any sizing up you can give it. 

Not only a little too detailed, but the two shades of gold don't contrast enough. All I see is a big orange middle finger, from far away.


You nailed the bridge logo though... perfect.

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7 hours ago, Whittier S said:

Ditto on the contrast in the tower. The positioning of the stars over the bridge makes them look like fireworks to me, which I think is brilliant.



Well the Story Bridge does become a highlight during our Riverfire and New Years celebration when fireworks are launched off of it. The stars represent the Southern Cross a constellation that reflects in all Australian national and state flags as well as the New Zealand flag.


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1 hour ago, Whittier S said:

I'm really into vexillology and know the Southern Cross well. That's what makes your logo so genius. :)


My apologies.


I do love my story bridge and southern cross logo I have just used them before for some of my other product range and didn't want to be recycling the same design.








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